Ideas for mobile commerce

Ideas for mobile commerce

With the number of mobile devices increasing, mobile commerce is growing at a huge rate. However, there are still people who won’t buy goods through websites accessed on phones and tablets. Reasons range from hard to use mobile sites to a poor choice of payment options.

If you want to do well on your e-commerce store, you need to think of some creative ways to make the process easier. Here are some tips for you to help boost your mobile sales.

Swipe Accept/Reject

Tinder has started a swipe craze, and it has caught the eye of the world of e-commerce. Users can be presented with one item at a time and then can swipe either left if they like it or right if they don’t. This means the items can easily be seen and users can find their favourites with no hassle.

If you make browsing into a fun experience and decision making easy, buyers will reward you.

Credit Card Scanning

People often don’t want to enter their credit card details as it is a pain and also potentially unsafe. One error can mean having to start over again and no one has the time for that.

One way around this is through scanning in the credit card using the phone’s camera. That way, there’s no chance of a typo from the tiny keyboard or for buyers to change their mind halfway through the arduous typing process.

Mobile Chat

Live chat helps convert people on e-commerce sites as it gives them someone to talk to about a query, allaying any misgivings. Live chat functions are usually left off mobile versions of sites but can be a boon for stores looking to increase conversions. It can help users who may have questions about an item to buy it immediately if they can have their questions answered.

Can you think of any more ideas? Comment below!