How to Write Killer Descriptions for Your Products

How to Write Killer Descriptions for Your Products

Anna Kowalska

When you sit down to write descriptions for your products, it can be easy to find yourself stuck for ideas. Yes, you want a description that accurately describes your product, but how can you write one that effectively sells your product?

Product descriptions are important. Done poorly and you risk losing valuable customers, but done right and you could be seeing your sales skyrocket in 2017 and beyond.

Here is everything you need to know about writing awesome descriptions for your products:

Take a Journalistic Approach

Whenever journalists write up a news article for the paper, they always use the same Who, What, Where, When, Why and How technique. This helps them to make sure that they have covered all the important facts and it is also a great tactic to use if you want to write clear and compelling product descriptions.

Remember to include who the product is intended for, what the product is (in terms of materials and its features etc.), where the product should be used, when it should be used, why it’s better than the competition and how the product operates. By covering all these facts, your product descriptions will become a lot more informative, compelling and sales focused.

Focus on your Target Consumer

Remember your ideal customer when you type up your next product description. If you write descriptions based on the false assumption that everyone wants and needs your product, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Instead, focus your descriptions on your ideal buyer and try to speak to them on a more direct and personal level. Answer their questions and make your descriptions as entertaining as possible.

Don’t forget that you’re writing for people, not robots. And what do people like? Something that they can relate to. So, if you’re selling a pair of high heels, then you’ll want to direct your writing to communicate with your audience which will likely be females interested in fashion, looking great and possibly wanting to add a few extra inches at the same time. Use descriptive language and communicate in a conversational style and tone for the best possible results.

Broadcast Product Advantages

Entice your customers by outlining the associated benefits of using your product. If you sell a skin cream, write copy that proves its effectiveness at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, for example. If you’re selling laptops, describe the beneficial features of the device including memory capacity, screen resolution and battery life performance etc.

Your customers need to know that they will get something of value when they buy your product. Focus on how your product can impact their lives. Can it make them feel happier? Look ten years younger? Whatever it is, sell an experience for your customers and they will keep coming back for more.

Make it Easy to Digest

Rather than using a long block of text to describe your product, you may want to consider mixing things up a bit. When a user clicks on your product and they’re faced with a long chunk of waffling text, they’ll probably just skim over it or ignore it altogether. If you want to craft product descriptions that sell, you need to break it up and make it easy for your customers to digest the information.

You can do this by starting off with a brief paragraph describing your product and why your viewer needs it in their life, followed by a list of its best features in bullet point format. Bullet points are great because it presents important information without bogging down the reader. Writing product descriptions like this will make shoppers more confident in your product, thus making it more likely that they will continue to the final stage of the buying process.

Use Social Proof

What is social proof and how can you use it to boost sales? Well, social proof is basically the action of proving the quality of your products to new customers by showing how pleased your previous customers have been with your products or services. People are more likely to buy your product if it has been recommended to them by a previous buyer. Including positive product reviews is a great way to give potential customer’s more reason to buy your product. Encourage buyers to leave a review on your website to help improve future sales and your overall conversion rate.

Use Sensory Words

If you want to appeal to your customer, appeal to their senses. People like to imagine how life will be once your product arrives in the post. So, why not show them with your words? Use language that entices and intrigues. Sensory words like crunchy, sweet, smooth and tasty etc. appeal to the senses and makes it easier for people to imagine what it would be like to hold (or taste) your product. Using high-quality images or short videos of your products in use are great ways to convince users to convert. If they can better imagine themselves owning your product, they will be more likely to want it enough to buy it.

Clear, Concise and Customer Focused Writing

The language you use in your product descriptions is very important. You don’t want to lose a sale because of a misspelling or poor grammar. Make sure that you spell-check your descriptions before publishing them online. Your descriptions must be clear and concise. Skip the waffle and get straight to the point because your customers aren’t going to hang around long enough to finish a long-winded and confusing description. Focus your writing on the customer and you will soon start to reap the benefits. Don’t forget to optimise your product descriptions for search engines to ensure your products are ranking for your chosen keywords. You can do this by including keywords in the title, body of the description and your product tags etc.

Crafting killer descriptions for your products doesn’t have to be hard. Just remember that it needs to sell your product and do so without putting the reader to sleep! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your descriptions and make your brand stand out with unique and compelling product descriptions.