How to Tell What WordPress Themes and Plugins a Site Uses

How to Tell What WordPress Themes and Plugins a Site Uses

We’ve all been there where we have stumbled across a site that immediately catches our eye. It is then no wonder that you may want to steal its design for yourself! However, there are so many WordPress themes and plugins out there that locating the exact one may once would have proved to be impossible. However, that is not the case anymore! There are many tools to test your favourite site and see what WordPress themes and plugins it is using.

Although these tools may not be able to detect all WordPress themes and plugins they still do a great job. If you have your heart set on a specific theme, give them a go and see how you get on!


Tools to Find WordPress Themes and Plugins

Automated Tools

There are lots of ways to find out what WordPress themes and plugins sites are using. The easiest of which is to use automated online detecting tools and there are plenty for you to choose from! Some of the best tools that you can use WordPress Plugin Checker, WPThemeDetector, What Theme is That and Built With. Although these tools are the easiest way to detect WordPress themes and plugins, they are not always the best and, unfortunately, they will not always be able to detect everything that a site is using.

Source Code Giveaways

When displaying content a website will always use HTML. This then allows your browser to register the code and display the information accurately for us to easily view. However, with a little research, you can become a pro at looking for WordPress themes and plugins from this code!

The first thing you will want to do to look for plugin directories is right click on the site page. You can then choose to View Page Source and scan through the code for ‘wp-content/plugins.’ The code that appears directly after this will tell you the name of the plugins present on the site. The only downside is that there may be a few codes to sift through before you find the one you are looking for!

 HTML Comments

Viewing HTML comments is another great way to decipher WordPress Themes and Plugins. Many plugins leave their coding on the page wrapped in HTML comments which helps you to see their output. Again, you will have to open up View Page Source and scroll through the coding in the search for green text. This green text is the HTML comments you will need to see what themes and plugins they are using!

 Inspect Elements

If all else fails then your last option to discover what WordPress themes and plugins a site is using is to view specific web elements. When using Chrome you can hover over your desired feature and right click. Then choose Inspect Element and try to locate ID or Class names in the code. The coding directly after these words is mostly likely to be the plugin responsible for that feature!

The next time you visit a cool website, try using one of these methods to find out which WordPress themes and plugins that site is using to then incorporate it into your own!