How to Restore Your Lost WordPress Blog Post

How to Restore Your Lost WordPress Blog Post

We’ve all been in that familiar situation: someone has accidentally clicked the delete button and your WordPress blog post is no more.  Can you restore your lost WordPress post?  Here, we’ll be talking you through several ways you can rescue your deleted post.

WordPress Admin

The easiest way to restore a lost WordPress post is to access your WordPress admin.  Here, you can go to Posts and there should be a Trash filter option.  If you click on the Trash section, you will be presented with a list of deleted posts.

Page Revisions

Another super easy to way recover your WordPress content is through page revisions.  While you’re in the edit page or post screen, all you need to do it scroll down and you will come across the page revisions section.  You can then select a revision date before you lost your content or made any unwanted changes.  This will then take you to a page that shows the last version of your post in HTML.  Skip past the HTML text and scroll further down the page.  You should then see a selection of restore dates.  All that’s left to do is select the date you want to restore and click the restore link. Your content will then magically reappear!

Google Cache

If you’re unable to locate your deleted WordPress blog post in the Trash section of WordPress admin, you can try to access the Google cached version of your blog post instead.  There’s a good chance that Google will have indexed your website. This means you can still view the cached version of your post, even if it has already been deleted.  To access your cached version, simply search directly on Google for the blog post.  You can then click the ‘cached link’ to view the cached version of your WordPress website.

Another option is to download a tool that will enable you to access the Google cached version of your WordPress website straightaway.  Simply enter the URL of your deleted post (if you have it to hand) and then click the ‘show cached version’ button!

RSS Feed

Potentially, one of your RSS readers could have already downloaded your blog post before it was accidentally deleted.  It’s definitely worth checking this out, as this is one of the easiest ways to recover your WordPress blog post.

Archived Version

Another recovery option is to access the archived version of your entire WordPress website.  This is easy to do.  Simply use one of the Archived website services like WayBackMachine.  One of the issues with using this method to restore your blog post is that unless your website is extremely popular, the Archived website service may not have enough archived versions of your WordPress site.

Restore Your WordPress Blog Post from Restored Database

Your last resort when it comes to restoring a WordPress blog post is to access a backup version of your database.  In order to use this restore method, you will need to use a hosting provider that enables you to do this.  It’s a tricky and difficult process, so we would not recommend this option unless you are technically savvy.

If you have used one of these restore methods to recover a lost WordPress blog post, let us know in the comments below.