How to really drive sales with content marketing

How to really drive sales with content marketing


There is a common misconception that content is a nice to have and doesn’t have a direct impact on sales. The disconnect between marketing and sales reaches far and wide, yet aligning the two teams can help your business boom.

A study by an Aberdeen Group study found that businesses who aligned their sales and marketing teams earned a 32 percent year-on-year growth. By comparison, those who had less alignment had a 7 percent decrease in revenue. It goes to show that marketing needs to be seen as a critical function of business growth.

So how to you go about uniting the two teams and creating a clear content strategy? It starts with a bit of focus and defining your goals to help you better outline how the teams can work to mutual benefit.

A good place to start would be creating informative stories that build a relationship with your customer. This will help funnel your prospects through the sales cycle.

Here are a few quick tips on how to use content for sales generation.

Generate qualified leads

It may seem counter-intuitive to hide your content behind a form, but users wish to access this information may prove to be better-qualified sales leads.  They are demonstrating a clear need to find out more about your product and how you can help them. Gated content may include:

  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Worksheets

Use data for storytelling

Better decisions are made when you have valuable information to hand. Data can help provide actionable insights, help identify industry-wide trends and encourage the customer to buy whatever your salesman is selling. Your business can undertake research and use it to analyse user behaviour and drive brand awareness.

Shout about your success with case studies

New clients want to know that you have a track record of providing value to your customers. When entrepreneur Neil Patel added three case studies to his personal website, he saw a sales increase of 185 percent.

Case studies generate a track record and provide your prospects with a clear overview of the challenges you faced, the action you took and the results. Some prospects won’t consider your proposal without them so make sure your bank of success stories is updated often.

Product manuals

Transparency instils trust with your prospects. Manuals are a great way of showing your customers a firsthand look at how your product works and what they can expect. Sales people can benefit from being armed with such content when speaking to prospects and explaining how the product can be adopted into their business.

Guest blogging

Use guest blogging to reach a large and targeted audience outside your own blog. It is a long-game strategy but one that is likely to position yourself as a thought-leader.  Do this by:

  • Identifying blogs within your niche
  • Start a relationship with the publications editor, start commenting on their tweets, share their content or strike up a conversation over email
  • Provide a portfolio of your high-standard writing
  • Carefully consider topics you think their audience would like to read and pitch them

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