How to Print Your WordPress Blog?

How to Print Your WordPress Blog?


Whether people are choosing to save a PDF version of your WordPress blog posts or simply choosing to print out your articles, some visitors will want to save a permanent copy of their favourite posts.  Unfortunately, the majority of default WordPress website styles do not offer a print feature.

Optimising your WordPress website for printer-friendly design is a great way to go the extra mile for your visitors.  Optimising your site will not only impact physical printouts but downloadable PDF’s as well.  Basically, you will easily be able to offer beautiful PDF’s on demand.  This should hopefully encourage readers to download your WordPress blog articles.  Here, we’ll talk you through two different options for making your WordPress website printer-friendly.

Why It’s Important to Make Your WordPress Blog Printer-Friendly

While you may have already started the process to optimise your WordPress site across mobile devices, you may also be considering modifying your site for printers as well.  Whilst physical copies of your WordPress blog are important, it’s also worth remembering that a ‘printer-friendly’ site also applies to PDF files.

If you’re a little unsure what we mean by printer-friendly designs, this basically removes any unnecessary web elements and focuses on the content alone.  This creates a clean and professional looking page without elements that would be useless when viewing a PDF file.

This printer-friendly format clears out all of the unnecessary design elements used for your website, to provide a clean and easy-to-read file.  This subtle optimisation is extremely useful for readers and is a great way to increase repeat site traffic.

In addition, regardless of what type of content you offer, here are some of the main benefits to offering a print-friendly WordPress blog:

  1. You will easily be able to share PDF’s on LinkedIn or Slideshare.
  2. Also, you will be able to offer a printable step-by-step guide.
  3. In addition, you will also be able to repurpose content.

If you think this could be the perfect optimisation for your WordPress blog, you’ll be happy to hear that WordPress makes it particularly easy to add print styling.

Two Easy Solutions to Make Your WordPress Blog Printer-Friendly

If you would like to make your WordPress blog printer-friendly, you have two different options. Let’s get started by first taking a look at custom design queries, then we will look at the WordPress plugin option.

Your first option to making your WordPress website printer-friendly is to write customer Media Queries in CSS.  Media Queries will enable certain styles to target different aspects of your WordPress site.  Media Queries have the ability to target screen sizes, resolution and printed pages. Writing your own Media Query means you will have total control over the output.  However, this method does require a certain level of understanding when it comes to design implementation.

WordPress users also have the option of installing the easy-to-use print WordPress Plugin.  This is a great option if you need something that will work right out of the box.  Print-O-Matic offers a pre-built design that you can apply to all of your WordPress blog posts.  In addition, it also offers high levels of functionality.  Also, an extra bonus to using this option is that you can include a Print button within each of your posts.

Providing printer and PDF-friendly styles on your WordPress blog will make it much easier for your users to share your content.  Will you be making your WordPress website printer-friendly?  Let us know in the comments below.


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