How to Optimise Your Site for Q&A

How to Optimise Your Site for Q&A

Did you know that answering questions on your website can boost your content marketing on a number of levels? If it is not already, keyword research should be a main part of your marketing routine. Not only should you be answering commonly asked questions, but answering niche questions can also help your content marketing too. Find out more about how to optimise your site for Q&A below and see how it improves your content marketing!

Improve Your Content Marketing and SEO by Answering Questions

You may already have noticed, but Google is now highlighting the best answers to questions in a featured box. This is presented to search engine users at the top of the screen and is above all other search results. This means by answering questions within your content it can improve your content marketing and push your brand to the top of Google search results! Carrying out question research can help you with mobile search optimisation here. You can see exactly what questions it is that people are looking for as proper, grammatical English is not always used! If you are a frequent Google user, then you are probably guilty of this too.

Improve Conversions by Asking Questions on Your Landing Page

To improve your content marketing, you can also ask questions on your landing page. How does this work exactly? Well, when you ask questions, readers are more likely to stop and think about an answer to it. This leads to lower bounce rates and conversions are more likely to happen! A natural answering reflex occurs when you ask a question and this can convert listeners. This then gives you the opportunity to further your conversions.

Turn Your Site into an Industry Resource

Websites that answer a lot of industry-related questions are great for content marketing as it turns your site into a helpful resource. Everyone in the industry will be visiting to hear your opinion! This, in turn, leads to many positive SEO and content marketing outcomes. This includes more natural links, better trust from clients leading to better conversion rates, better secondary CTA performances and more returning visitors.

Find Out What Industry Questions People Like to Ask

When you know what people in your industry are asking, it means you’ll have a more in-depth insight into customers behaviour. This means you can try to solve customer problems and gain loyal, returning customers who love your website!

Get Content Ideas

Content marketing can sometimes be quite dull and it can be hard to come up with new and innovative ideas. Competing with all of the other content out there can be a challenge, but you can be inspired to create new content through questions. Provide content on answers and take part in lots of research to help keep things interesting with your writing.