How to Merge Two WordPress Websites Whilst Retaining Google Rankings

How to Merge Two WordPress Websites Whilst Retaining Google Rankings

Andy Holland

Are you in a situation where you have more than one WordPress website, but you want to merge them together whilst maintaining your Google rankings? Then you have come to the right place! WordPress actually contains built-in tools that allow you to do this and here we will be taking you through how you can use this tool to merge them together easily.

Step 1: Exporting Old WordPress Site Content

The first stage of this process is to create a backup of your WordPress website in case something goes wrong! Once you have done this, you will then need to head over to the Tools section and then Export. This can be found in the admin section of your old WordPress website. This will be the website that you are merging with your newer website. Tick the All Content button and then Download Export File. An XML file will then be created and this will be sent to your browser. You can save this file on your PC and it will contain all your website posts and pages, all custom post types and all categories and tags.

Step 2: Merging Old Content onto the New WordPress Website

The second stage of this process is to merge the old WordPress content with the new WordPress website. You will need to visit the admin area of the website, then go to Tools and the Import page. Here you will find all of the import tools that can be installed and run on your WordPress website. At the bottom of the page you will find the install Now button which will install the WordPress importer for you. Then, hit the Run Importer button which will ask you to upload your WordPress export file. The Choose File Button can then be clicked on and you will need to choose the XML file that was downloaded in step 1. The Upload and Import button will continue the process and your exported file will now be analysed and uploaded.

After this, you will then find yourself on the import settings page where you can assign and create new authors. The imported content can then be assigned on your new WordPress website. Make sure that the box underneath Import Attachments has been checked as this will import all media attachments from the old website. The final step to import this is to click on the Submit button. Your exported files will now be added to your new WordPress website!

Step 3: Setting Up Redirects

While your WordPress websites will now be successfully merged together, you will still have to set up redirects. This ensures that all users visiting the old website are redirected to the new website. This involved placing coding on top of your .htaccess file.

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