How to Market Your Business with LinkedIn

How to Market Your Business with LinkedIn

Arguably the best social media platform to market a business, you mustn’t neglect the huge potential of LinkedIn. Surprisingly, it’s a common mistake with many small to medium businesses who plough their entire resources into other social hangouts such as Facebook and Twitter. But LinkedIn is different. It’s the setting for many a business deal, there’s endless connections to be made and it’s an invaluable source of leads.

For those struggling to market their business on this professional platform, here’s 5 ways to make an impact and generate some worthwhile results.

Create a LinkedIn Group

In order to succeed on LinkedIn, you must be proactive. As with marketing in the real world, you cannot wait for prospective clients to come to you. Creating a group is the best way to actively target high profile decision makers and bring in those lucrative leads.

Be sure to start by choosing a category which meets a niche within your industry. Keywords should be added in the description, as well as the title. Most importantly, you’ll want to include your company website or blog to divert traffic back to your site. Adding a blog RSS feed is another must. Each time you publish a blog post, it should automatically appear on the home page of every group member.

Promote an event

If you have an upcoming event or exhibition, few places are better for gaining attendees than LinkedIn. It’s all thanks to handy event feature found under ‘more’ in the navigation bar. The reach potential is huge where thousands of professionals in your field will be targeted for free.

As added incentive, once you’ve invited a handful of people and they RSVP the event, it will show on their home profile. As such, the event is shared with other professionals within their network. Before you know it, it’s become a viral success and hundreds of attendees will be showing up on the day.

Answer questions

Who would have thought that LinkedIn Answers could be such a valuable marketing tool? It’s actually one of the best ways to network on the platform and often leads to orders if you play your cards right. After setting up your ‘Answers Application’ by choosing a niche subject that your knowledgeable in, you’ll be ready to answer questions.

Always start by researching the user who asked the question. You’ll want to personalise the response in any way possible. Give your recommendations and be super helpful – including relevant links or even details of someone who could help further. Finally, give an invitation to contact you personally and they may take you up on the offer.

Use LinkedIn display ads

Much the same as Google AdWords and Facebook ads, LinkedIn gives users the option to extend their reach for posts using either display ads or sponsored updates. The former is a great way to reach a huge volume of potential customers. Although you’ll have the option to pay per thousand impressions, the small to medium business if often best paying per click.

Sponsored updates is very similar to Facebook, where the reach of posts can be extended to include more users’ feeds. This can be tailored to appear on only those users which sit in your target audience. Both of these advertising measures can bring in plenty of leads. As a simple guideline, always use an engaging image and a call to action must be included. The only way to truly test an ads effectiveness is to create several versions and analyse the results.