How to Make Instagram Work for your Brand

How to Make Instagram Work for your Brand


Instagram is far more than a hangout for bloggers or models wanting to flaunt their luxury lifestyle. It’s quickly becoming one of the best platforms for brand engagement and marketing success. Every day, 3.5 billion photos are liked by a growing audience which recently topped 400-million users per month.

While the marking potential is huge, many are now jumping on the Insta bandwagon which makes it increasingly difficult to set yourself apart. If you’re struggling to pick-up a following, take a look at these 8 tips to make Instagram work for your brand.

Balance it out

Those businesses which succeed on Instragram often post a selection of images and vary the context every time. It keeps things fresh and avoids the pitfall of constantly posting business-orientated images. This is dull and lacks any sort of entertainment value. Always break-up those lesser engaging images with funny pictures or memes.


Why not leverage the following of your Facebook account to draw visitors to your Instagram? It’s possible thanks to the cross-post feature which allows you to post selected Instagram images to your Facebook feed. Add a relevant hash tag which mentions your brand and you’ll be promoting to a much wider audience.

Upload video

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but don’t disregard video. Thanks to Snapchat and Vine, this form of engagement is set to explode. Capitalise on this by making use of Instagram’s 15-second editable video. It’s a fun way to tell your brand’s story whether you’re filming office antics or showcasing a new product.

Start following others

How can you learn from your target audience if you’re not properly engaging with them? Start following all of your followers back to create lasting relationships. Get involved in a discussion, ask them about their thoughts on your service or simply like a post of theirs. This courtesy can go a long way.

Don’t overdo it

Frequent posting on Twitter and Facebook may be effective, but the same can’t be said for Instagram. The feed-speed remains very chilled and as such, you should limit posts to several or less per day.  It keeps your audience wanting more, and won’t seem like you’re trying too hard to grab the limelight.

Join the trend

Join the larger network of Instagram and open yourself to a vast market by adding trending hashtags to your posts. Try your best to keep it appropriate given you’re a business, but also have fun with these current trends. Whether it’s #ThrowbackThursday or #SelfieSunday there’s always an opportunity to appear relevant.

Analyse performance

As you would with your website metrics, it’s important to analyse which methods work best. This can be easily done using one of the image analytics tools such as Curalate. This gives a straightforward overview of likes/comments on a particular image, providing an insight into which ones generated an additional following. This information can be used to access the most successful strategies.

Post giveaways

Instagram is the perfect place to show your generous side and reward existing followers. Post images of offers on your product range or competitions to win freebies. Not only will this make your audience feel valued, it can encourage others to follow and enjoy these benefits.