How to improve your conversions in 10 easy steps


At Elementary Digital we speak with clients everyday about how they can make more of the traffic coming through to there site. It’s often considered that to improve the revenue opportunities from your website you need more traffic, however in reality you should improve the conversion opportunities and this will deliver more revenue. Based on our experience of helping companies throughout the years we have pulled together this simple step by step guide to conversion optimisation, if you run an ecommerce website or have any type of presence online than these handy tips could help you with website conversions.

Here are 10 simple steps to ensure the online browsers become your regular customers:

1. Get your point across quickly

A browser will judge your page within approximately 7 seconds before moving on. Ensure your homepage explains what the company is about and what you can provide within that important threshold.

2. Keep your logo small

Content is more valuable than your logo. Your header should be kept visible but doesn’t need to waste your space. If it isn’t conveying any vital information, make it as subtle as you can.

3. Promote an offer on your homepage

A new customer is more likely to try your product if there is a discount or deal on offer. Promote it on the homepage so that it entices the customer immediately.

4. Does your site look trustworthy?

Simple images give your site credibility – logos of established companies such as Visa or PayPal. Security is important and if your payment procedure doesn’t look familiar to the customer, it may show that it is not dependable. Associate yourself with well known, respectable companies to “borrow” their trust.

5. Simple is best: make your site easy to read

Keep sentences short. Do not over face potential customers with a lengthy site. Paragraphs should be kept to no more than 4 sentences of around 10 words or less. A standard font size 11pt at the smallest is preferable.

6. Keep navigation at its simplest

The harder navigation is the less likely browsers are to stay on your page. Make it clear and failsafe. Observe others using the site and if they go wrong frequently then something is wrong. Websites to help your site navigation are and

7. Allow for customers who know what they want now

Some browsers will know exactly what product they want as soon as they click onto your page. Make it easy for them to access what they require immediately. Let them take the shortcuts they need.

8. Give direct instructions to your customers

Ensure customers are aware what they need to do. It may not be obvious to everyone what the next step is, so make it easy! For example “Click here to continue”, “Simply click on the basket to purchase your items”.

9. Make it easy for the customer

Simple things to check are page loading time, keeping signing up / purchasing simple, remembering personal details, do you accept all payment methods? Keep the hurdles to a minimum.

10. Is customer service easily accessible?

Sometimes a customer needs your assistance – keep navigation simple to the “Contact us” tab and let them know when they need to contact you.

Ten easy steps for you to improve your conversions online, if you’re still looking for ideas then why not speak to the Elementary Digital team, we’ve always got ideas on how you can improve your conversions.