How to Improve Your Business Visibility on Google Maps

How to Improve Your Business Visibility on Google Maps

Anna Kowalska

Who doesn’t love the convenience of Google Maps? For those times when you’re in a pickle, this is the one platform that provides a fast and reliable solution. Far more than an easy-to-use Sat Nav, this powerful tool lets your search for just about any business in the vicinity.

But those businesses which appear high in the Google Maps listings don’t enjoy that visibility for nothing. It requires a little time and effort as well as the right know-how. Here’s how to improve your visibility to attract your local audience.

Make it relevant

As with most aspects of SEO or user engagement, relevance to what your audience are looking for, is key to success. And keeping consistency is just as important which means using the exact same name, address and phone number (NAP) across all your business profiles.

That includes Google My Business (GMB) as well as social media platforms and other business directories. As most users can often misspell or shorten a business name, it’s essential to keep uniformity with all platforms. This helps Google understand your business which in turn makes it easier for them to list your business when it becomes relevant.

Updating your NAP

A manual NAP audit can seem overwhelming, especially if your business has been running for years and is listed on countless directories across the web. Simplify the process by using Moz’s Local Directory which allows you to search for the most popular directories in the area.

Not only can you update all the business information but you can list your company details on any directories which may have been overlooked in the past.

Don’t skip the GMB!

It can be easy to ignore all those fill-out boxes in the Google My Business admin panel, choosing only to include the business name and address. But invest some time in completing your profile fully and you’ll ensure the best chance of becoming visible.

That includes descriptions of what you do or sell, as well as pictures and operating hours. It’s the best way to stand apart from the competition and those who haven’t put in the effort to include more detailed information.

Gain a reputation

Those golden stars shown on business listings provide one of the best ways to get noticed on Google Maps. Would you be more likely to click on a business with plenty of reviews over one that hasn’t got any? Clearly the importance of a good reputation can’t be underestimated.

Encourage users to leave you reviews by sending email reminders after they’ve bought a product or used a service. Be sure to engage with the users who leave these reviews, resolving any complaints or issues as they arise.

Get social

There’s plenty of reasons to promote your business across social media, and that now includes the added benefits to your local business visibility. Recent evidence would suggest that those businesses without an active Facebook account are lower down the local search rankings than others.

Social media isn’t just an opportunity to engage with your audience and promote for free, but a valuable tool for crawling up the listings.