How to Improve Client Retention on Your Ecommerce

How to Improve Client Retention on Your Ecommerce


Client retention is a vital part of every business and is more cost-effective to keep your customer coming back than focusing on finding new ones.

With clicks, conversions and ad impressions ramping up the cost of attracting new customers, it is time to re-engage with your existing ones so that they buy from you more often.

Set and Beat Expectations

The key to setting and beating expectations is to under promise and over deliver. However, make sure these expectations are realistic.

Delivery times are a great way of doing this. For example, state that you deliver within five business days, when in fact, you ship overnight.

Fast Delivery

Customers have a ‘want it now’ mentality, whether it’s a personalised birthday card or an item of clothing.  Offering next day delivery will keep your customers happy and encourage repeat business.

Offer Free Returns

Free returns are a great persuasive tool for new and existing customers. If they know they can return items easily, then they are more likely to shop with you again.

ASOS offer a reassuring service with free returns using Collect+ or collecting the item from your home.  Although charging for returns recoups some of the business costs, it needs to be weighed up against the cost of losing business.

Offer Great Customer Experience

Utilise social media and email services to connect with your customers. This offers a much more personal touch and helps them avoid sitting in a call centre queue.

If your customer feels like they have to jump through hoops to get a response then they will likely take their customer elsewhere. Employee responsibility goes a long way in easing such frustrations. Untie their hands and give them the responsibility to make decisions and resolve issues without having to consult a manager.

Make Repeat Purchasing Easy

Amazon offers buy-again options and one-click purchasing. Saving payment details and delivery options take the hassle out of having to enter them every time, making the process as smooth as possible.

Personalised Experience

The more personalised the experience, the happier the customer. Use customer data to trigger emails and offers such as freebies on birthdays, products recommendations and invites to VIP events. Be careful in how you obtain customer data and gain explicit permission to collect information from them first.

Offer Rewards for Loyalty

Reward your customers for purchases they make. Set up a points-based system, offer money off products, heads up on sales and advanced new product viewings. This will help you increase conversions from your current customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Social Media

Connect and reach out often to grow relationships with your customer. Those who follow you on social media by sharing or liking your posts are your brand ambassadors and want to hear more about your business. Use these channels to drive more people back to your store to make a purchase.

Experts have differing opinions on how often you should post but 1-2 times a day is a good place to start. Keep an eye on your analytics data to help you personalise the posts to your audience.


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