How to Hide Posts from the WordPress Homepage

How to Hide Posts from the WordPress Homepage

Adam Morgan

Have you ever written content that you want to place on your website but that you do not necessarily want to appear on your WordPress homepage or to go out via RSS feeds? In this article, we will be taking you through the reasons why some people like to hide certain posts and how you can publish content easily but do so quietly without anyone else knowing.

Why Would I Want to Hide Posts From My WordPress Homepage?

There are a few reasons why sometimes writers may want to hide content from their WordPress homepage or to go out on their RSS feeds.

The first reason is that not every article that is written for a website is necessarily for people to read. A lot of the time, articles are instead written for SEO purposes and they are actually intended more for Google to pick up on than for readers to view. This can provide a huge difference in the writing style of the content.

The second reasons why sometimes you may want to hide certain published posts from your WordPress homepage is because of the specific content that is being written. A writer may want to experiment with their content outside the usual parameters of what they usually write about, and this may not entirely fit with the demographic of their website.

Finally, if the above reasons apply to you for not wanting your article to appear on your WordPress homepage, then you will want to ensure that these posts are not sent out as part of a mailer. Most people will have their RSS feeds automatically trigger their newsletter each week with a specific tool such as MailerLite, and so hiding your posts from the homepage will ensure that they are not put out on blast.

How To Hide Posts From Your WordPress Homepage

Hiding posts from your WordPress homepage is actually very easy to do and should only take you a few minutes! The first thing that you will be required to do is to download the Stealth Publish WordPress plugin and this is completely free for you to use. This is a super basic plugin but it packs a punch.

Head on over to the WordPress repository or you can search for it in the WordPress dashboard under ‘Add New’ plugins and there are no settings to toggle in the plugin so you can install it quickly. After installing it, you can browse your list of posts and then choose the one that you do not want to show on your WordPress homepage or feeds. Check the ‘Stealth Publish’ box and ‘Publish.’ This will allow for the page to be crawled by Google but those who are browsing your WordPress homepage won’t be able to see it!