How to Harness the Power of Pokémon for your Marketing Efforts

How to Harness the Power of Pokémon for your Marketing Efforts


Everyone’s talking about Pokémon GO. It’s taken the digital world by storm where eager Pokémon Trainers roam the streets, pointing their phone at inexplicable objects in a hope to ‘catch ‘em all’. Whether you love or hate this new phenomenon, it’s clearly here to stay. This addictive app is estimated to have been downloaded more than 50 million times. Can you imagine the marketing potential? If you’re struggling to see the connection between pocket monsters and business success, you may want to read on.

This guide shares the secrets and future marketing potential of capitalising on the biggest viral trend since the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. Ride this Pokémon Go wave of popularity and you could see profits skyrocket.

Pokémon Lures

One of the easiest ways to cash-in on the success of Pokémon GO is to purchase a ‘lure’ module. For those unfamiliar with the game, these real locations allow Pokémon to spawn noticeably quicker for up to half an hour. As a result, you’ll always find plenty of Pokémon users at these locations.

Thankfully, these ‘lures’ are surprisingly affordable, but that could change as they become more popular with businesses. For now, try purchasing one and setting the location just outside your business. For those in retail or with a restaurant it could be especially beneficial. Set a ‘lure’ and be ready to take countless orders from hungry Pokémon GO users.

PokéStops and Gyms

While it isn’t possible yet to brand a PokéStop or Gym, this could be a reality very soon. These branded locations could attract new customers from far and wide. Players of the game should be prepared to see a StarBucks PokéStop or Pizza Hut Gym. In an effort to monetize the app further, Niantic will likely allow businesses to purchase their own branded location.

Be ready for this feature to arrive soon. You’ll want to purchase a branded location before the competition as this could be hugely popular. Who knows, bidding wars for these locations could ensue. Getting their first could attract visitors to your premises day and night.

Sponsored items

Aside from locations, Niantic have suggested that it could soon be a possibility to sponsor Pokémon items. Retailers would have the opportunity to giveaway Pokéballs or purchase locations which give access to unique content.

Pokémon users will appreciate this generosity, which would have a great impact on brand loyalty and awareness. In turn, that should generate more sales as users repay the favour. Don’t underestimate the incentive to be the best and ‘catch ‘em all’.

The virtual billboard

Augmented reality brings a whole new array of marketing possibilities. It may seem like the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters set in the future, but virtual adverts are almost here. Pokémon Go have opened the doors to this augmented reality where users can see Pokémon’s appear before their very eyes.

Now consider the possibilities of the virtual billboard sat in the background. You could implement a big sign outside your business “20% off voucher code” or “Come try our world famous Apple Pie”. You get the point. This new era of Virtual space is prime for advertisements. And you thought Pokémon Go was just a game!


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