How to Get the Most from Feed Rules in Google Merchant Center

How to Get the Most from Feed Rules in Google Merchant Center

George Stevens

Those using Google’s Merchant Center will be familiar with the Feed Rules feature which only recently launched. It’s a handy tool which enables users to edit their product feed data from the Merchant Center. As with many new functions this has been met with confusion, especially for the technologically challenged.

In the past, changes to the feed would require the help of a tech savvy developer. With the new Feed Rules, users have greater control over changes without having to call upon the expertise of a professional. Not only cost saving, this gives the small business more flexibility while saving valuable resources. As such, it’s important to familiarise yourself with this new technology. Here’s 5 tips on how to get the most from Feed Rules.

Create custom columns

There’s plenty of online retailers who aren’t effectively using their product type column. Thankfully, with Feed Rulers users can now establish rules to restructure their product type hierarchy. On the if/then menu, simply change the setting to ‘google product category’ and it’ possible to add as many custom columns as you see fit. These can be arranged in the most optimum order. As an example, for a clothes shop, it may be apparel & accessories > apparel > t-shirts > sports t-shirts > tennis t-shirts. By tailoring your columns, you’ll likely to make the user experience more immersive.

Group products

It’s now more straightforward to group certain products which enables widespread changes at the click of a button. By creating a custom label, users can establish a value based on a product ID. This can then be used to filter by required or unwanted products allowing for increased functionality. Need to remove products out of a Remarketing ad? This task just became much easier with Feed Rules.

Input missing data

Feed Rules can be utilised to generate a Disapprovals report, thus allowing you to improve those best-selling products which have information missing. By using the if/then function you can filter by the products which require editing. On the main Feed Rule page, click on the setting ‘Create a value based on criteria in a feed field’. Then fill out the ‘if’ and ‘then’ rules which offers the chance to assign a GTIN to a product page.

Optimise promotion updates

Did you know that Feed Rules can be used for promotion updates? Many are still in the dark but this is one of the best features. Instead of having to wait for the developer to make changes, you can edit promotions in real time, wherever and whenever. It’s all thanks to the Promotion ID feed which is editable in Google Merchant Center. For those not already signed up for Promotions, simply clicks on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the Google Merchant Center interface. This should allow you to add new programs. Now you’ll have the freedom to create a Promotion ID without any outlay on a dev team.