How to get customer testimonials in Social Media

How to get customer testimonials in Social Media


Testimonials are one of the most effective sales tools that you can have on your website. However, today’s customers are discerning. It’s not good enough to simply put a quote on your website any more.

Nowadays, potential customers want to know who said it, what they purchased from you and when they gave their testimonial.

Social proof can go a long way to providing credibility to your testimonials. Social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn understand how important customer feedback is to businesses and they provide the functionality to allow you to collect reviews for free.

Here are our top three ways to collect customer testimonials on social media:

Three free ways to receive customer testimonials on social media

  1. Facebook reviews

Facebook Business Pages come with a section that allows customers to lead a 1 – 5 star review, along with a comment. Make sure you reply to all of your reviews to thank customers for their praise or to address any issues that they may have mentioned.

  1. LinkedIn endorsements and reviews

On a more personal level, LinkedIn lets your clients, colleagues and friends ‘endorse’ you for skills that you possess. Endorsing someone for a skill means that you are agreeing that they do have that ability. LinkedIn also allows people to leave reviews as comments, both for individual people and businesses.

  1. Google Places reviews

Getting your business listed on Google Places can be the perfect way to collect reviews. It’s free to list your business and it allows anyone with a Google account to log in and share their thoughts. Be warned though – once a review is posted, it’s there forever – Google don’t allow you to delete or remove bad reviews.

Seven ways to ask your clients and customers for a testimonial

So, you’ve got your Facebook page set up and your LinkedIn profile is live – but how do you go about actually receiving testimonials? Well, there are lots of ways to achieve this. Your approach should be tailored towards your specific clients and customers – after all, some people would love nothing better than to appear in a video testimonials, but others would run a mile if you asked them to do that.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask directly. When you’re talking to a client on the phone, sending them an email or chatting on Skype, a friendly ‘could you send me a quick testimonial?’ hardly ever gets turned down.
  2. If you run an e-commerce shop, adding a testimonial request to the order confirmation email is a great way to get customer feedback.
  3. Adding a line to your email footer can encourage people to send you a testimonial. Something as simple as ‘COMPANY NAME cares about our customers. Don’t forget to send us your feedback!’ can be all it takes.
  4. If you post tangible products to your customers, include a small card that thanks them for their purchase and include a website link that they can visit to leave a review.
  5. The chances are, your client needs testimonials just as much as you do. Consider asking them for a testimonial swap – you’ll provide one praising them and they’ll do the same for you.
  6. Follow up larger projects with a link to a short survey or questionnaire that asks for their opinions on your work. This is best suited to longer projects that span at least a month. Include different questions to elicit different responses from your clients. You may even find that you get some suggestions on how you could improve your business.
  7. Record a short video testimonial during a Skype call or face-to-face meeting. Of course, you must always ask for permission before getting out the camera – some clients may not want to be captured on film.