How to Find any Email Address for Outreach Purposes

How to Find any Email Address for Outreach Purposes


If you work in marketing, you’ll realise the importance of an email address. As a heavily guarded key to your next prospect or networking opportunity, these aren’t give out easily. We’ve all been there, desperately trying to scour the internet in a hope of finding the address of that company director or key decision maker. Or even worse, you were given the email address at a marketing event, only to lose it before you had the chance to connect.

Whatever your reasons, you’ll need to search for an email at some point in your career and it may be the difference between that defining sale or long term contract. To save you the hassle and frustration of searching endless sites, here’s a handy guide on how to find any email address in minutes.

Use LinkenIn with Email Hunter

I’m sure you’ve already checked LinkedIn but have you made use of the handy chrome extension Email Hunter? To pull off this email heist, you’ll first need to enter the name of the company that your target works for in the advanced search of LinkedIn. If the company is large, it may be worth narrowing down the search by department such as ‘accounting’ or ‘editorial’.

Once you have the results, you can now hit the Email Hunter chrome extension which you downloaded earlier. This integrates with LinkedIn, with an option to click a button named ‘Email Hunter’ when you click on someone’s profile. After which, the said email address will show in red. It’s a free extension with up to 150 requests per month.

Use Followerwonk with Viola Norbert

Followerwonk is a powerful tool which allows you to carry out countless tasks on Twitter that would otherwise be impossible. That includes the ability to search keywords within Twitter bios. As such, you can enter the name of the keyword of the targets position such as ‘director’ or ‘account manager’ followed by the URL of their company.

Now you’ve found their full name, this can be entered in Voila Norbert. This tool sends a request to the mail host to confirm the correct company email account. It gives surprisingly accurate results allowing you to find the corporate email of most Twitter users in a flash.

Use Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators is often overlooked for those in need of an email address but this tool can be very effective. Type in the search ‘ + “name” + contact’ or ‘ + “name” + email’. If the required information is posted somewhere on the company domain, the operator shortcut will bring up the contact information as well as the page where it was found.


Finally, if you currently have an email address or think it may be one of several options, you’ll want to check which one is the valid address. The website MailTester provides the solution allowing you to input the email address which gives either a red, green or yellow result. Green would confirm a valid email address while red means that it doesn’t exist. In some cases, you may return a yellow result which suggests the mail severs have blocked email verification making it impossible to determine whether it is valid or not.