How to Display an Instagram Feed on WordPress Website


Nowadays, one of the widely used tactics for marketers to reach out to their audience is through social media channels.  Instagram is one such platform that easily helps to bridge the gap between your audience and the importance of social media.  Adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress website can help your target market and customers to understand the applications of your brand, as well as improve your social media reach for any customers who did not realise your company had an Instagram account.

Main Benefits of Adding an Instagram Feed to Your WordPress Site

With Instagram photos, you are able to expand your social media reach.  This can provide increased visibility, as well as more followers.  By driving traffic to your brand’s social media platforms, you are able to increase the overall social media influence of your company.  This, in turn, will help to build lasting, long-term relationships with your customers.  Embedding an Instagram feed on your site is definitely an enticing attraction, particularly for regular customers, as this will help to update them on any new product launches.

In general, creating an Instagram account will help you to build a stronger brand image and develop a stronger level of trust with your customer base.  The visual nature of Instagram will also encourage your customers to create their own content for your brand that you can then feature and repost.

Displaying an Instagram Feed on Your WordPress Site

Interested in displaying your Instagram feed on your WordPress site?  This is easy to achieve.  There are a number of ways you can add your feed on your WordPress site, but the most popular involves using embedding tools or plugins.  You will find some of the best options below:

Instagram’s Official Embedding Tool

You can easily add your feed to your site by taking the code directly from Instagram.  The developer tools that Instagram offer enable you to embed both your feed and individual photos to your site.  When it comes to embedding tools, it doesn’t really get much more reliable than this.

You also have the option of embedding individual posts on your WordPress website, as it works like another kind of object embedding.

Free Social Feed for Instagram by Pixlee

An alternative way to add an Instagram feed is by using this tool from Pixlee.  This tool isn’t super technical, so can be implemented by anyone with a basic understanding of content management.

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

If you use WordPress, another easy way to add your Instagram feed to your site is to find a reliable plugin, install it and then set it up to meet your current needs.  Smash balloon’s plugin has over 400,000 active WordPress users, so they are definitely doing something right.  This option comes with a free, standard version or a Pro edition that offers additional features.

One of the main draws of using this plugin is that it will also include a ‘follow’ button.  This way visitors are not required to view your profile directly to follow you on Instagram.

Let us know which option you would choose in the comments section below.