How To Disable Comments In WordPress

When you run a WordPress site, you tend to get visitors who show an interest in your product or service. Whether you are selling something, or you are a blogger, you might not always want to have these comments showing to the public. Of course, engagement is useful but sometimes, it can have the opposite effect. Here, we are going to tell you a bit more about disabling comments in WordPress and discuss how you can do it in a variety of ways to suit your website. Keep reading to hear more in our helpful guide.

Why Disable WordPress Comments?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to know how to turn off comments on WordPress, but you will actually find that this is a pretty common thing. One of the reasons is that you might want to disable comments on your WordPress site is that it isn’t a blog at all. Many people use WordPress as a template for building a site and so comments don’t actually make sense in most cases. You might also want to disable comments on WordPress because of internet trolls who are out there to tarnish your brand. These trolls leaving behind nasty comments can damage your reputation and make your website appear not trustworthy. This is a common reason why many businesses opt to disable comments in WordPress.

How To Disable Comments On A Page Or Post

The great thing about your pages on WordPress is that they are set to disable comments by default. This is something which can be changed, however, and so it might be useful that you learn a bit more about the WordPress disable comments feature on pages. All you need to do is check out the ‘All Pages’ tab and choose the ‘Edit’ link on the corresponding page. You should come across an option to check the ‘Discussion’ box and choose ‘Allow Comments’ if you want this to happen. This is something which can be mirrored on your individual posts as well.

How To Disable Comment On Future Posts

When it comes to how to disable comments in WordPress, the best time to put this in place is when you first launch your site. You can disable the comments for any future posts, and this can come in very handy. To do this, you might want to head to the ‘Settings’ page and then the ‘Discussion’ tab. Look for ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’. Once you have decided on whether you want this to be active or not, you can save your changes and be sure that this is not going to happen in the future.

Want To Do It All At Once?

Have you ever thought about disabling all of the comments on your WordPress site at once? This can be done, and it can come in very handy if you want to save some time. This is quite simple to do as all you need to do is head to your ‘Posts’ tab. Once you are there, look for ‘All Posts’. You will be presented with all of the posts on your site and you can choose to edit more than one post at a time. Click the box and choose all of the posts and then select the ‘Apply’ button. This should present you with some options that include the option to allow comments. Here, if you choose ‘do not allow’ then you can make this change to all of the posts that you had selected. This is something which you might want to do if you are planning on changing comment permissions on your pages in bulk.

Deleting Comments

If you have already received some comments on your WordPress site that you are not happy with then you might find that deleting comments might be something which you prefer to do. This is something which can be done on an individual basis or you can select some comments to delete at the same time. This is done by heading to the ‘Comments’ part of your site and checking the comments which you would like to delete. These can be moved to trash and you can choose ‘Apply’ once you are happy with the comments that you have chosen. This might take a while to do if you have a lot of comments that you want to delete and so this is something which you need to think about.

WordPress Disable Comments The Easy Way

If you don’t have much time to spend deleting comments individually or even in bulk, then you might want to consider using a plugin. This is the easy way to delete comments on WordPress and it can save you a lot of time. Take a look online at the Disable Comments Plugin which is available to download. This plugin can help you out a lot and give you the freedom to decide what is best for your site. This might a little trickier to download and install but it will be worth it.

What To Consider

When disabling the comments on your WordPress site, you should make sure that you are considering some of the things that you might come across. It is possible that a ‘comments are closed’ message might appear on your site and this could be something which you’d want to avoid. By having this, you could be showing that you are not willing to have comments, and this could reflect on your brand. You should also consider any kind of spam protection that you can use in order to remove the possibility of having comments on there that are not useful. You can find plugins for this, so it is definitely something to consider. If you are running a WordPress site, then you should definitely think about the comments that are on there. Unpleasant comments could cost you that conversion and so you need to do what you can to prevent this. Follow our guide and it should help you out in the future.

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