How to Design Perfect Banner Ads for Your Online Store

How to Design Perfect Banner Ads for Your Online Store

Stuart Holmes

Think of the last time you browsed the web and enjoyed an online shopping spree. Chances are, you found yourself noticing those tempting banner ads found next to blog articles or product pages. While it may seem easy to ignore this form of advertising, they’re surprisingly effective at planting the seed. More often than not, you may find yourself clicking that advert out of curiosity.

Given the power of banner ads, it’s about time that you designed some of your own to be posted on the site of others. In order to effectively promote through this medium, it’s essential to set yourself apart from the competition. Here’s a handy guide on how to create a show-stopping banner ad.

Set your goal

Before you get started on the design process, it’s essential to set yourself a goal. Seems obvious, right?! Surprisingly, most online retailers fail to determine exactly what their online banner ad should achieve.

Do you want to showcase a new product, promote a blog article or encourage people to sign up to your newsletter? Each of these goals requires a different approach. It should drive the entire layout and look, so don’t get carried out trying to achieve more than several goals in one banner ad.

Keep it concise & compelling

Banner ads are only seen for a brief moment before the user turns their attention back to the page their viewing. That said, your message should be easily relayed in under 5 seconds. Consider the content from this perspective and it’ll be far easier to create a compelling ad.

Use a clear font and don’t be tempted to use overly complex jargon. Instead use a clear yet informed voice while keeping the word count to a minimum. Some form of dynamic animation is a great way to engage the user in this short time frame.

Make it responsive

There’s far more involved when it comes to creating banner ads than simply designing one graphic. In order to keep the advert relevant across all screen sizes, it’s essential to create the same banner in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The aesthetic should be maintained across all these banners, as well as that clear and concise message. Given the recent and dramatic increase in mobile and tablet users, you’ll want to effectively design for all platforms.

Always test your ads

As with many other practices, it’s essential to test your banner ads once they go live. By utilising a standard A/B or multivariate test, you can uncover some insightful results.

Maybe it’s those banner ads with colourful graphics that result in the most conversions or possibly a controversial headline. Alternatively, it could be the use of animation or a striking image of the product in action which grabs the most attention. Regardless of the layout and aesthetic, the only way to effectively test the optimum version of a banner ad is through some form of thorough testing.