How to Create an Engaging About Us Page in 2016

How to Create an Engaging About Us Page in 2016


A compelling About Us page is more important now than it ever was. Analytics still show this as one of the most visited pages of a site. It’s not surprising given that many users want to learn more about a company before going ahead with a purchase or continuing to read your blog posts. This will never change, so the About Us mustn’t be neglected.

Surprisingly this can often be the case as other ‘more important’ aspects of design take priority from fancy graphics to interesting content and SEO strategies. Don’t make this mistake and give the About Us the attention it deserves. Here’s some top tips for creating an engaging page in 2016.

Add a selection of media

Faster internet speeds now make it possible to squeeze in as much multi-media as possible. The next generation of internet users are becoming more visually dependant on videos, infographics and timelines. Play to this growing trend by harnessing a variety of media on the page. It’s far easier for you audience to watch a 2-minute video than read a large chunk of text. What’s more, it’s an exciting way to promote your company and a chance to get creative.

Include testimonials

With so many unscrupulous and scam driven websites, many users are now adept at recognizing a potential scam. The About Us page is often the first port of call to determine the credibility of a website. Rather than talk your company up – which offers very little reassurance these days – why not let your customers do the talking? Build the page entirely of testimonials and you’ll give a lasting impression. Be sure to include photos of the customer with a good overview of the service or product provided.

Give the personal touch

People like to see who they’re dealing with, so adding a bio of each of your staff members is a great touch. It not only gives the feeling of a staff-centric and friendly organisation but also adds credibility without the need for technical jargon. That’s right, it’s now time to avoid that formal tone which is often the go-to ‘voice’ for many About Us pages. Instead, use a conversational tone to create content which is enjoyable to read.

Don’t forget the basics

We may be entering a new era of web design, but the fundamentals are still the same. Never miss-out vital information in favour of show-stopping design. It can sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the websites which fail to include contact details on their About Us. It’s shocking given that most visitors use this page for quick access to a telephone number of address. As well as these details, you’ll want to link through to all your social platforms and skype.

Always test

As with other popular pages on your site, you’re going to want to test the performance of the About Us. Using a traditional A/B split testing method, you can change certain elements on the page and see what keeps users engaged without clicking away in seconds. Although it can seem like a lot of work, you’ll want to make certain your About Us is delivering the right message. If it’s failing to engage, it will likely impact retention rate and conversions.


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