How to build a creative company structure

How to build a creative company structure

Jem Henderson

Innovation is a particularly popular buzzword at the minute. It’s not just a here-today-gone-tomorrow concept however. Innovation in your company can mean the difference between just plodding along and getting by, or making it big with a new and exciting way of doing things.

No matter how big or small your company is, you can improve the creative output and boost your company’s fortunes with these tips.

  1. Inspiring workplace, inspired minds.

Cubicle farms are where creativity goes to die. To really get the most from your team, you need to have open spaces, a downtime area that is inviting and comfy, kitchens with all mod cons and even showers if possible.

Try having whiteboards and chalkboards around too so that there is space to create.

  1. Flexible work hours.

Not everyone works on a 9-5 type schedule. In fact, lot of creative people are night owls who need a lie in or who like to work really early in the morning. Flexible work hours and allowing staff to work from home can help boost creative output considerably.

  1. A mixed-up diverse team.

Creative people come in all shapes and size. Many people complain that they have trouble finding the right staff, when often it’s because they are looking for carbon copies of themselves. Offices of clones rarely turn out creative content. Try and build a team that is drawn from a range of different abilities and from a variety of backgrounds.

  1. Reward risk taking.

How many companies do you suppose get to the stop by being stick-in-the-muds and not taking chances? None of them. You need to do the same and take risks. Look at Google. They insist that their employees have side-lines and other projects to work on – that’s how they come up with the best, disruptive ideas.

  1. Grant autonomy.

Teamwork is great. Make sure everyone in your team is also capable of making big decisions, that are for the best of the company, on their own.