How to Add Social Media Buttons to your WordPress Website

How to Add Social Media Buttons to your WordPress Website

Adam Morgan

With today’s reliance on social media, there’s simply no excuse in not including buttons that link through to all your platforms from your WordPress website. Take a look on any major retailer or blog and you’re guaranteed to find these icons in a prominent part of the site. That may the top right hand corner of the home page or placed strategically on a ‘Contact Us’.

Wherever you’re planning to fit these in, it’s clearly essential to supplement your website with any platforms that you have a presence on. It’s not only standard practice but is a great way to leverage your audience to improve rankings across social media. In turn, this generates even more engagement which brings even more visitors to your site.

As with many tools on WordPress, social media buttons couldn’t be easier to add. While many themes already include these in the header or footer, you can manually add if you prefer a different layout. Here we take a look at two common methods that won’t require the help of a professional.

Using a plugin to add social media icons

There are hundreds of plugins enabling you to create your own social media buttons but ‘Menu Social Icons’ has to be one of the most effective. Once you’ve activated this easy-to-use tool, go to ‘Appearance’ followed by ‘Menus’. From here you need to click ‘create a new menu’.

Give this a relevant title such as ‘social menu’ and click on the custom links tab which is found on the left-hand side. This tool shows you a full list of social media icons meaning you needn’t download them. Instead, click on the desired social media icon, add the URL to your platform and then finish by clicking ‘add to menu button’. Repeat this for as many social media platforms as you require.

Finally, choose a menu location for these social media icons to be displayed. Depending on your theme that can be one of the several places. Otherwise, you can show the icons in your WordPress sidebar.

Uploading social media icons manually

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you may prefer to use your own icons. Start by finding some social media icons that you think would match with the current design of your site. A simple Google search can provide heaps of results, but be sure to use ones that aren’t under copyright protection. Use the search term ‘free social media icons’ and they’ll be more than enough to choose from.

Once you’ve downloaded these to your computer, go into ‘Media’ followed by ‘Add New’ before uploading the images directly to your WordPress site. Next activate the ‘Menu Image’ plugin which allows you to choose your own images. As with the above, this requires you to visit ‘Appearance’ followed by ‘Menus.’ From here, you’ll see the menu image buttons under each item. Name the social media icon of choice before setting the image from one of those uploaded in the previous step. Repeat the process and you’ll now have personalised social media icons linking through to all your channels.