How to add AMP to Shopify

How to add AMP to Shopify

With Google now taking AMP far more seriously, it may be time for you to consider installing RocketAmp for your Shopify store today!  This is great news!  Particularly with the run-up to Christmas fast-approaching.  Every passing year, we are seeing an increase in mobile traffic.  Also, customers are now expecting better and faster mobile experiences.

For those of you unfamiliar with AMP, this is a technology that promises instant-load times for your customers when they access your Shopify store on a mobile device.  This technology will make your site up to 4x faster than non-AMP mobile sites.  In addition, Google has started to work on this technology with news outlets and publishers, but a few months ago they started to push this new technology for online retail use as well.

If you’re interested in achieving this lightning-fast page load time for your mobile Shopify store, you should definitely consider installing RocketAmp.  This handy app will automatically make the speedy AMP version of your mobile site.  The app will also submit your site to Google.  RocketAmp also lets you customise the complete look and feel of your AMP mobile site, so that it can match your main desktop site.  Also, it is the only AMP app currently available on Shopify.

Why You Need to Install RocketAmp

The RocketAmp app will immediately speed up your mobile site by up to 4x for mobile users.  This special app also has the ability to remain completely up-to-date as you add or change products on your Shopify store.  This makes it super simple to set up and virtually maintenance free!

Nowadays, up to 40% of mobile customers will abandon your mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load.  Installing the RocketAmp will ensure that your mobile site has the ability to load instantly.  Also, with 90% of AMP publishers seeking higher click-through rates with AMP, this function is becoming a must.

Another reason why you should consider installing the RocketAmp is that up to 30% of all online shopping now happens on mobile devices.  This means that it is vital you can offer an up-to-date mobile shopping experience.  Also, this is definitely where super-fast page load times come into play.  In addition, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their mobile experience will not purchase from your store again.  This means in order to remain competitive you will need to install an app like RocketAmp.

The RocketAmp app will automatically integrate your mobile Shopify site with AMP.  This app will also work with Google to get your new AMP site indexed.  This means your site will be noticed by your customers.  Also, this app will help ensure that your mobile site is the URL on record.  This means you will be able to keep all of your SEO intact.

The RocketAmp app is the only Shopify app currently available that has the ability to integrate Google’s AMP.

If you are looking to drive mobile conversions, RocketAmp is definitely worth checking out.  Let us know about your RocketAmp experience in the comments below.