How to Accept Bitcoin Payments Using WordPress Plugins

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments Using WordPress Plugins

Liam Firth

Are you looking to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress website?  Then you have likely already considered the common eCommerce payment gateway options.  With so many people now doing their shopping online, it makes sense to look at alternative secure payment methods.

Have you taken the time to consider cryptocurrency?  With awareness of cryptocurrency on the rise, it may be time to look into adding Bitcoin payments to your WordPress website.

Why Install a WordPress Plugin to Accept Bitcoin Payments?

While Bitcoin has yet to gain the type of traction that was originally expected, that does not mean it is not an attractive option when you compare it to some of the other usual payment methods offered online.

One of the main reasons your WordPress website could benefit from offering Bitcoin payments is because it is a purely digital currency.  This means it does not require a third-party banking system to process the transaction. This makes any Bitcoin transaction strictly peer-to-peer.  The transactions are all organised through a digital network which basically works like a digital ledger that keeps an anonymous (and secure) record of all transactions.

Another key reason to consider installing a WordPress plugin that accepts Bitcoin payments is for security reasons.  Bitcoin is what’s known as “pseudo-anonymous.”  Unlike other credit and banking payments, Bitcoin payments do not require any personal information.  This makes it a great online payment option for security conscious customers.

Also, as this is a peer-to-peer banking transaction you don’t have to worry about customers paying with a compatible financial solution as everyone will use a Bitcoin wallet.  In addition to this, Bitcoin transactions also come with extremely low processing fees.

With Bitcoin payments, there is no waiting period before your new funds are available to use. Also, each bitcoin comes with a hexadecimal code that is extremely difficult to crack, making payments safe from fraudulent activity.

The Best WordPress Plugins to Use to Accept Bitcoin Payments

As the demand for Bitcoin payments is still relatively low, it may be difficult to find a WordPress plugin that accept Bitcoin payments.  We’ve put together a list of some of the best Bitcoin plugins available on the WordPress platform:

  1. Digital Paybox Plugin: This is a premium WordPress plugin. This plugin creates a “paybox” where customers can choose their preferred payment option. BitPay (a system that accepts Bitcoin) is one of the payment options.
  2. Easy Digital Downloads Plugin: This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to setup different payment gateways for your digital product. While this plugin is free to install, you will need to pay a premium for payment gateways like BitPay.
  3. GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin: This plugin is 100% dedicated to facilitating cryptocurrency payments.
  4. GoURL WooCommerce Plugin: If you like the previous WordPress plugin and you have built your eCommerce store using WooCommerce then you will likely want to use this plugin add-on.

If you really want to cater to your customer base, making sure they can use their preferred payment method.  Installing an all-in-one WordPress plugin will easily take care of all your payment worries.

Which Bitcoin plugin would you download?  Let us know in the comments below.

Liam Firth

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