How small companies can make ppc work for them

Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you to choose your most relevant keywords and make bids on these terms in order for your ad to appear in the sponsored listings when users type in these keywords.

The bids you make and quality of your chosen keywords will determine the position of your company in the sponsored listings.

Grouping keywords together will create an “ad group” and will allow thousands of relevant keywords in these ad groups. Together from search engines, they will bring you the targeted traffic.

PPC is not just for the big companies. Here is how your smaller business can take advantage of PPC:

  • Improve your Quality Score by separating ad groups into smaller groups
  • Keywords that are eating into your budget without good ROI can be paused
  • Ad groups and campaigns can be given new search query keywords
  • Save money by setting negatives against irrelevant terms broad matched against you by Google
  • Increase bids on your best keywords, and reduce bids on less relevant terms
  • Creating mobile preferred ads as well as click-to-call extensions will increase mobile optimisation
  • Increase clicks and conversions by introducing ad extensions such as site links and offers
  • Speak with a Google Adwords qualified agency for help and advice on setting up and managing a campaign.

These tips should slowly improve your presence. With PPC you can trace your ads and conversions easily and accurately, giving you control and you are only paying for the people who actually visit your site. Paid search can work for your small company if you keep working hard and persevere.