How Does SEO Content Work?

How Does SEO Content Work?


If you’re trying to build up your SEO reputation through writing articles, it helps to know the way that SEO works. This is a very brief guide to help those looking to understand the process from the inside.

A Brief History of SEO

If you were one of the internet pioneers, you’ll no doubt remember the dark days of search engines like Altavista. Frankly, the web was a wild frontier back then, with search engines not returning the results you really wanted. This was because search engine spiders only went hunting for the search term. If you wanted to find out about Sumatran rat-monkeys, one site that mentioned them three times would be returned less highly than one that mentioned them five times.

Then Google appeared, and search was saved. They started to give results based on links. If a site linked to yours for info on the Sumatran rat-monkey, then Google recognised that your site had a greater value.

Long Tail Search Terms

It’s more complicated than that though (sorry). Imagine you are a holiday site. You want people to be able to find your site when looking to go somewhere on a trip, so you need to target specific keywords. Imagine if someone wants to go to Croatia. If they Google ‘Croatia’ then info about the country, the customs, and culture will come up. ‘Croatia holiday’ might bring them a little closer to your site so you’ll need to use these keywords together. But to make sure that you are reaching the people that you really want – the ones that have decided they definitely want to go to Croatia on holiday, if you are a luxury travel agent, you’ll target ‘luxury holidays to Split’.

You can’t just hammer these search terms in wherever though. You need to craft content which people actually want to read; which adds value to the decision making process. That’s where the art of SEO copywriting comes to the fore.

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