How do you become a Trusted Brand?

How do you become a Trusted Brand?

Stuart Holmes

Trust is a big issue for people, as we’ve seen in the General Election. People are really very cynical when it comes to politicians and this had a huge impact on their decisions on polling day.

Back in 2011, only 26% of people said that they trust politicians. This figure rose dramatically when people were asked about their local MP however, with the consensus being that many people think that their guy is a good ‘un, it’s just the rest of those pesky politicians that are dodgy.

Switch this thinking over to brands then. How many people do you think trust the brands that they use over those of the competition – trust them to tell them the truth for the joy of it and not just as a way to increase sales and get a wider following? Many people don’t trust a brand any more than they would trust Boris Johnson with their attractive wife on a night out, but there are brands that jump the gap between suspicious and trustworthy. But how?

How to Become Trusted in the Marketplace

Much like politicians, the way to become a trusted brand is to make sure that you behave well, look out for the needs of the people who use your products and services, always be on hand to offer a helping hand where needed and don’t just be self-serving – make sure that you forge a relationship with your customers based on their wants and needs.

You can do this through social media campaigns, email strategies and by consistently offering high quality products and services which offer long-term benefits to your customers and clients.

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