Here’s Why WordPress is the Most SEO Friendly CMS Ever

Here’s Why WordPress is the Most SEO Friendly CMS Ever


For a platform that only launched in 2003, WordPress can boast some pretty impressive achievements. Not only it is widely recognised as the leading content management system compared against all rivals, but it has the facts and brands to back it up.

It’s estimated that WordPress powers more than 24% of all online websites with major names using the CMS from NASA to eBay, Forbes and The New York Times.

So, what makes this relatively new CMS so appealing to developers, ecommerce sites and small bloggers? Aside from being user friendly and completely free, there are several fundamental reasons why it’s a cut above the rest. Here’s some of the key benefits.

One-click installation

Gone are the days of overly complex systems that required a PHD in Computer Science in order to create a basic website. WordPress revolutionised the way we design, putting all control into the hands of the novice.

Even if you’re a technophobe, the simple set-up couldn’t be easier to use. And it gets even more convenient thanks to web hosting providers now offering a one-click installation. That’s right, no more hassle with core PHP files, just a simple login and everything is ready to go.

Open Source

Nothing beats having plenty of options whether your redecorating the house, ordering a takeaway and yes, creating a website. WordPress delivers endless options thanks to its status as an open-source platform. That means any developer in the world can create a theme or plugin before uploading to the community and allowing users to download for themselves.

Thanks to this open source approach, there’s literally thousands of add-ons, handy tools and striking themes to choose from. These can be updated at the click of a switch, allowing you to instantly move with the trends and stay up to date with Google’s best practices.


When it comes to web design, speed is always key. And that couldn’t be more fitting given the recent shift towards mobile internet usage. Users expect fast loading pages or they’ll happily move on to the next site. Thankfully, WordPress has your back as the basic installation package is constantly upgraded to bring efficiency – not what you’d get with a closed source CMS.

Although it’s up to you to ensure your site runs effectively by minimising the use of too much multimedia and outdated plugins, there are plugins especially designed to speed your site up. They include WP Super Cache as well as Autoptimze.

User-friendly SEO

While there are heaps of plugins to improve SEO, WordPress includes plenty of basic features to get you started in the initial stages. From optimising title tags and headlines to writing content, WordPress takes all the stress out of SEO. Without having to touch any coding you can build all the basic techniques into your site.

Otherwise, handy plugins such as Yoast SEO are commonly used for their convenient suggestions when uploading product pages or article posts. Using a traffic light system, this allows you to gradually make alterations to content in order to get that ‘green’ light.


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