Here’s Why Google Trips is the Perfect Travel Companion

Here’s Why Google Trips is the Perfect Travel Companion

George Stevens

Google Trips is the latest app from the internet giants set to change the way we travel forever. Available for free on both Android and iOS, there’s no excuse not to benefit from this impressive platform. Being dubbed as the “personalised tour guide in your pocket” it’s a game changer for leisure and work trips, organising everything you could need in one place. Here’s what you can expect and why it’s worth giving it a go.

What’s great about Google Trips?

Google is no stranger to the travel market, having cornered many products in this arena from their low-cost flight comparison tool Google Flight to their hugely popular travel blog which appeals to the wanderlust. In the past, attempts at a trip planner have fallen flat, largely due to the focus on making reservations over itinerary management.

Thankfully, they’ve now seen sense and we finally have a travel app that’s useful. Google Trips collates all your flights, restaurants reservations, hotels and car rental bookings from Gmail to create a seamless itinerary. Even without Gmail, you can easily upload your own bookings. Never again will you forget that flight e-ticket or scramble from one email or shared hardrive to the next searching for those travel documents.

On Google Trips everything is now found in one place and you’ll be able to create multiple trips on the easy to navigate dashboard. That’s great news for those of you who travel frequently with business. All of your meetings and reminders on Google Calendar will sync automatically, ensuring a stress free experience, leaving you to focus on the important things.

And that’s not all

What’s the best part about Google Trips? All of this information is available ‘offline’. If you clock up the air miles, you’ll realise the importance of that feature. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing coverage when you’ve arrived in a new place and you need to access a hotel address or meeting location. Or even worse, when you end up getting charged extortionate rates for browsing abroad. That issue is no longer a concern as the entire Google Trips app is functional offline. You can even save walking directions and maps beforehand, so you won’t have to dip into that pricey international data plan.

Finally, if that wasn’t impressive enough, Google have another trick up their sleeve. The colourful grid layout includes a ‘Things to Do’ feature with pre-built itineraries established via user-visitation data. These are tailored to your time spent in the area, where you may have a one-day itinerary or ideas for longer stays.

As you’d expect from Google, it’s actually far more intuitive than other rivals on the market. It goes so far as to make adjustments based on the time of day and weather. Raining outside? Not a problem, Google will suggest indoor activities. Or if you’re feeling risky, why not tap the big red wand on screen which delivers a random must-see highlight from your location.

Google Trips is as smart as it sounds. Try it for your next adventure and you won’t want to leave home without it.