Happy Birthday Google! Here’s to the last 15 years


In September, we are celebrating the 15 years since little old Google began. It is now the world’s biggest search engine and never has any trouble keeping up with the vast progression of technology. It celebrated its own birthday with one of its famous Google Doodle’s on 27th September.

Google makes over 13 billion searches every month – “let’s Google it” has become a familiar term in everyone’s living room, office, car… Wherever there is internet access! Its many launches such as Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Streetview have all proved just as successful as their search engine.

And where did it all begin? In a rented garage in Silicon Valley by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It’s original name was BackRub, but changed in 1997 to Google after a spelling error. Across the world, it has over 70 offices in 40 different locations and the HQ’s in California is known as GooglePlex.

Google has stayed in pole position of the search engines throughout their 15 years, and continue to dominate the field, as hard as competitors try to beat them. Their reputation seems imperishable. Since they released their operating system for Android, it has become the mobile software of choice. And now it even has its own phone range! Its technology take over doesn’t stop there though – it has designed self driving cars. Although we may not be using these for quite some years, the idea, without a doubt, is very impressive.

So we’ll say it again: Congratulations Google, happy birthday!