Handy Web Resources – For Free!

Handy Web Resources – For Free!

Stuart Holmes

The number of online resources for web design is ever expanding. With so many useful tools available for free. There have never been more tools available. Here are 15 useful apps and resources to help you create the perfect website.


Niice is a search engine for web design. It comes up with results from great online resources like Dribbble, Behance and Designspiration. If you find yourself with a creative block, this is a great way to get inspired.

Designer News

Designer News is a service that keeps you abreast of developments in the design field, with discussions on start-ups and development. It also keeps you up to date with emerging tools to make the process of design even easier.


Sidebar.io simply provides you with five-a-day of the best design links available, every single day.

What’s My Browser Size?

What’s My Browser Size? does exactly what is says on the tin, telling you the current size of your browser window. Adjusting accordingly whenever you resize, this is useful when you are using media queries.


PlaceIt is a really quick to use tool that lets you create realistic product screen shots in moments. All you have to do is drag and drop.

Firefox’s Font Inspector

If you are looking to view all the fonts that are being used on a page in one place, Firefox’s Font Inspector is for you. It shows you what typography is being utilised on any site. 


Colllor is a tool for picking colours. By pointing and clicking your mouse, you can get the exact hue that you are looking for.

Pixel Dropr

You can personalise your designs with this Photoshop plugin. Pixel Dropr lets you make your own icons, buttons, and other personalised components which can then be easily dragged and dropped into any PSD file.


Keep your CSS tidy by using Mincss which locates selectors you are not using and removes them for you.

HEX to RGB Converter

There are loads of options available for converting your HEX to RGB colour codes, but HEX to RGB Converter is a lovely minimal choice that keeps things simple.

Keynote/PowerPoint for UX Tests

Keynote/PowerPoint for UX Tests is the chosen tool of the trade for the Google Ventures team for when it comes to creating functional mock ups.


A font made up entirely out of dashes (imagine someone in a cartoon reading a magazine); BLOKK is a very handy tool for creating quick wireframes and mock ups.

Cloud Comp

Cloud Comp is an easy to use lightweight tool for creating Web mock ups to share with your clients.


If you ever wonder how to lets your users know when their network is down, try Heyoffline.js, a simple JavaScript plugin which helps people avoid losing work.


Finally, a simple tool to help you generate invoices for the time you spend on GitHub. Tracking times from your repository, Timehub makes good looking invoices without you ever needing to leave GitHub.


While simply putting pen to paper is always a good place to start, inspiration can be found with these tools, making web design quicker and easier. Can you think of any more? Please comment below!