Handling WordPress 429 Error Code

Handling WordPress 429 Error Code

John Hewick

Currently dealing with an annoying 429 error code on your WordPress site?  The 429 too many requests error can cause a serious headache, as it is often difficult to determine what is causing the error.   In this article, we’ll take a look at an easy fix for the WordPress 429 error code.

WordPress 429 Too Many Requests Error

When it comes to the WordPress 429 error code, you can usually pinpoint the reason for this error to either a script, bot or user trying to make too many requests.  This error code is a typically a measure that your WordPress site will use to prevent DDOS attacks.

If this error code has not been configured properly, then it can cause search engines to not perform properly or your API’s to run smoothly.  This can cause unexpected behaviour on your website.

In some cases, the 429 error code is caused when a script makes too many requests to another website o service when using an API.  If this happens, the API’s response is a 429 error code.

We’ll now take a look at how you can troubleshoot and fit your 429 too many requests error code in WordPress.

Fixing 429 Too Many Requests Error Code

As we mentioned above, this error can be caused by a number of factors.  Here, we will show you multiple ways to both troubleshoot and eventually fix your 429 error code issue.

Find and Deactivate Misbehaving Plugins

Generally speaking, the most common culprit of 429 error is a bad plugin on your WordPress site.   Often, a bad plugin can make subsequent requests to your website which can be rejected by the server with a 429 error code.

The very first thing you will need to do is deactivate all of the WordPress plugins currently active on your site.  This is a simple task and can be done by visiting the plugins page in your WordPress admin area.  You can then hit the ‘deactivate’ button under the bulk actions drop box.

You can then check your WordPress site again to see if the 429 error code can be reproduced.  If the error code does not appear, this means a plugin is causing this issue.

You can then turn on your plugins one by one and check the site each time you activate a plugin.  This should help you figure out the specific plugin causing the error code to appear.

Once you find the WordPress plugin causing the error, you can then switch it with an alternative option.

Switch to a Default WordPress Theme

Some WordPress themes can also cause the 429 error code to appear on your website.  The easiest way to see if your theme is the issue is to switch to a default WordPress theme.  If this resolves your error code issue, then you can search for a new WordPress theme.  Alternatively, you can report the problem to the developer and they may be able to offer you a fix.

We hope this has provided you with a helpful quick-fix solution regarding your 429 error code.  Let us know how you fixed this error code in WordPress in the comments below.

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