Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

Guide to Amazon Marketing Services


Amazon vendors are armed with a vast array of tools to help their products stand out. Amazon Marketing Services is one of the most profitable and helps give brands that competitive edge.

The service works by giving vendors the ability to target ads by shopper keywords and products. It has been devised to help improve brand visibility and drive more sales. Vendors are able to tailor ad spends with targeted ads that will appear where potential customers are likely to see them.

However, every click does not mean a buy which is why it’s important that vendors fully understand how to use this tool to the best advantage.

Enhanced Product Detail

Improving essential and A+ Content will help with brand discoverability and bring immediate page clicks.

A+ Content is an Amazon term which is an extended version of the basic product description. It allows vendors to write enhanced product descriptions which include images, charts and narrative to help customers make an informed decision.

Different Ad Types

There are three ad types for vendors to use, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Ads and Headline Search Ads. Which you start using depends on your overall budget and goals. However, it is good practice to start with a mix of the three and uses performance data to optimise further.

Product Display Ads

These appear on the side or bottom of the search results pages, as well as on related product pages. They are cost-per-click product or interest-targeted display ads that drive traffic to the selected product’s detail page. The creative for the ad is generated through Amazon Marketing Services ad builder leaving you to create your own headline and logo.

Sponsored Products

Appear in the actual search results list and aim to capture search intent. It is used by matching the keywords contained in your campaign to the search terms that your customers are using. Like Product Display Ads, all creative is generated for you, with headlines and logos being left for you to customise.

Headline Search Ads

Appear at the top of the search results page and can include custom ad copy. Vendors can direct the customer to best selling products or a custom URL.  The best way to use for this is when a customer has searched for your brand but not specified a product, so you can set the URL to be your brand page.

If the customer searches for a specific branded product, send them directly to that product rather than your brand page.

Choose Where Your Ads Are Seen

Vendors have the ability to set the ads to appear on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. There is even functionality to display the ads on multiple Amazon department and external sites.

Pay for Results

In the world of e-commerce, results and ROI matter. Brands can register for Amazon Marketing Services for free and only pay when customers spend on ads.  This offers brands and vendors greater control over spend while also providing access to data. The dashboard provides an overview of clicks, sales and more so you can easily see how your ads are doing and continuously tweak your strategy.