Is Guest Posting Dead?


Guest posting means writing on someone else’s blog or website in the hope of reaching more people and driving interest to your own website. Google’s algorithms are continually updated, and the focus is not on the quality of the content of the guest posts, rather than just the links populating it, meaning your strategy for guest posting needs updating!


Quality content is crucial

Whether this means you spending a little more time on an article, or out sourcing it to a professional, the quality of your content has to be your number one focus. Is the content original and does it have substance? There’s no point in simply copying someone else’s content, you need to provide a new perspective for your audience, it needs to add value for them. You want them walking away thinking “I should have written that”, not “I’m sure I’ve read something similar before”.

Make sure you sound approachable and un-robotic. There’s nothing worse than reading awkward, poorly worded articles! It needs to sound like a human has written it in order to grab and hold the interest of your reader.

Don’t “sell sell sell”! Guest posting isn’t about pushing your products and services, it’s sharing your experience, offering an alternative viewpoint or raising a topic of discussion. Offer suggestions for further information, but don’t push your audience away with sales talk.

Make sure your content is appropriate for the audience. The publication you are writing for should (ideally!) have the same/similar audience to yourself, but make sure your article is tailored for them otherwise your post may be wasted effort!

As long as you keep focussed on what you are writing, and whether the content is valuable to your audience rather than seeking SEO benefits, then your online presence will still continue to improve with guest posting.