Google News Uses Over 200 Ranking Factors

Google News Uses Over 200 Ranking Factors


Word reaches us that Stacie Chan from the Google News team mentioned in a News Help thread that Google News uses over 200 factors in ranking stories. Many of these are related to “originality, relevance and authority”. What wins out? Well, whilst she says that exclusive content, or content with other superior factors, may beat the most recent story, she also says that most often the top story will be the most recent.

So how can you use this information to rank better in Google News searches? Writing the most recent story seems a difficult proposition – obviously you’d normally want to be first in with breaking news, without missing key updates. So do you scrap the whole story and start again with each update? I’d suggest not. For minor updates you should clearly and deliberately show the additional information. With big enough developments you can write the story anew, with reference to your first article.

So are those 200 factors independent of the stated 200 for search? I’d suggest that whilst there’s some crossover there’s probably more that’s different than the same. That being said all the best practise guidelines cover you well for both. We’re talking originality, relevance, authority, popularity etc. Writing great content that people enjoy and engage with is going to help you tremendously whether you’re targeting news results or standard organic search.

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