Google Japan Penalises Link Network

Google Japan Penalises Link Network


Over on the Google Japan Webmaster Blog, things are getting exciting as they have announced that they’ve busted a link network that has been trying to play the search engine giant for fools, attempting to manipulate search engine rankings.

The blog post is badly translated by Google Translate (machine translation can be a bit iffy). So in our own words, perhaps mildly less mangled than those of the translation tool:

Google have, as part of their latest effort, taken countermeasures against an illegal search result link program in Japan after finding some sites were buying and selling links. This goes against the Webmaster Guidelines and so has led to severe repercussions for those involved.

Even if the webmasters were not aware that their selected SEO company was using black hat techniques to improve their SEO score, the responsibility is still on those in charge of the site to ensure that any SEO techniques being used are not in violation of the Webmaster Guidelines.

If you are in Japan, you need to check your Google Search Console message center.

金谷 武明 Takeaki Kanaya from Google announced this on Twitter saying:

金谷 武明 Takeaki Kanaya @jumpingknee

Google ウェブマスター向け公式ブログ:リンク プログラムのネットワークに対策を行いました … @googlewmcさんから

This isn’t the first country to receive a slap down from Google for dodgy link building tactics. We’ve seen them target networks in Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

To avoid any issues when link building, make sure that you do it in a way that is above board. Don’t buy links; instead build them naturally through creating great content.