Google-Fu, part 2: More Handy Google Tricks For Marketers



Last week we took a look at some handy google tricks for marketers. In part two we go a little further down the rabbit hole.


Info: – this operator will return information about the specified page, with links to further options. For example:


link: – Allows you to perform a quick backlink check. NB: this is just a sample; you’ll still need your SEO tools for a more thorough check.


Number range: – Performs a search for results with numbers in the range you specify.  So you might be researching a subject and have a particular interest in a range of years:


UK Government 1970..1980


Or you might be looking at a type of product within a certain price range:


Android phone £50..£150


Related: – Gives you pages similar to the one you specify. This could be interesting for pulling out ‘new’ competitors. Your client has some in mind, your research on keyword rankings has pulled out others – could related: give you new ones to look at? Try it out. Example:


Around – Use this in the form “term1 AROUND(n) term2”. This allows you to see results where term1 has to appear within n words of term2. This is particularly handy if irrelevant results keep getting in your way because there’s a crossover in terms between the two concepts.  For example:


android AROUND (2) phone


This might help us stop getting results about Marvin and his friends!


Define: – this will pull out a quick definition of a word, phrase or even an acronym. This can be handy for all sorts of client research to help you understand their industry more quickly. For Example:


define: bitwise operator


So there you have it –more Google-fu for you! Remember you can combine many of these to really drill down to what you’re looking for. Have a play around with them and see how they can help you out – feel free to share them here. Both the genius-like and ridiculous!