Google Analytics Premium: Is it Worth Giving it a Go?

Google Analytics Premium: Is it Worth Giving it a Go?

Anna Kowalska

Where would we be without Google Analytics? This free software is now used by more than 14.6 million websites. Its popularity isn’t surprising given Google’s no-fuss method of collecting and displaying data. Visitor insights show everything from average time spent on site to which pages users are spending most time on and how they leave. As one of the leading ways to determine the successes and flaws of a website, it’s the driving force behind many strategic decisions in online marketing. And did we mention that it’s free?

That’s the case for the standard package, but the same can’t be said for Google Analytics Premium. As with most high-level software packages this comes with a hefty price tag – no less than £90,000! Added features are impressive, but is it worthy of such a steep investment?

What can you expect?

Some may have stopped reading at the thought of a five figure outlay, but there are some key advantages to Google Analytics which could have a major impact on your business.

To start with, Google provides the additional reassurance of guaranteed performance. In other words, a service level agreement actually guarantees 99.9% data collection uptime as well 99% reporting uptime and a maximum processing time of four hours. For those who need accurate information fast, this could be a major selling point.

Still not convinced? Maybe the additional processing power and advanced modelling tools could swing it for you. With increased data collection, you’ll have access to impressive tracking features with 50 custom variables to choose from. It’s made even more enticing with easy-to-download and unsampled reports. Evaluating the performance of several marketing campaigns is easy and time effective.

To compliment this feature, all Premium license holders will have access to 24/7 support.  These account representatives can provide guidance on installation as well as problem trouble shooting. The tech-savvy masterminds are also in place to offer helpful tips on getting the most from your software.

Finally, you’ll have greater control over your data as you sign a contract with Google which safeguards all your company information. This may seem minor but the standard Analytics version offers no such agreements and your data is available for dissemination.

Will you benefit?

Unless your website generates at least £600,000 in revenue, with hundreds of millions of monthly page views, Google Analytics Premium is best avoided. Even for very large companies, the additional benefits can often be pointless. A recent study showed that 66% of companies paying for Analytics with a minimum of $500 million in revenues would consider resorting back to the free version.

After all, the standard software is such a powerful tool in itself. It’s always worth optimising your ability on this platform before considering a premium option. Training seminars can provide a surprising insight into some of the many features that you never thought possible on the free version. Why blow the marketing budget, when you could become a pro on the standard Google Analytics?