Goodbye FormsCentral – Adobe Closes its Form Maker

Goodbye FormsCentral – Adobe Closes its Form Maker

Last week Adobe announced that FormsCentral is ‘retiring’ – users have around 6 months to organise themselves ahead of the final closing date of July 28th, though functionality is due to be reduced on June 23rd. From this date users will no longer be able to create new forms or receive new data, but will still be able to export data from existing forms.

Why is it closing? According to Adobe the service has been popular, just not popular enough: “Despite enthusiastic use of FormsCentral … we’ve found that there hasn’t been as much demand for this type of service as we anticipated”.

What to do now that FormsCentral is Closing

First of all, don’t panic. There’s – as of this moment – plenty of time. So if you make the move now, you won’t be in a blind panic come 22nd June.

The steps in brief are:

  • Find an alternative form solution
  • Download all your current data
  • Export your form files
  • Import the form files to your new service (if supported, if not, sorry but you’ll need to re-make them).

Popular alternatives to FormsCentral include EmailMeForm, JotForm, Formstack and likely a large number of plugins designed for your CMS of choice.

We’re going to look at JotForm as we’re already familiar with it and, as far as I’m aware, they’re the first out of the gate with an import solution. Simply go to and hit the import forms button – it takes a minute or so to complete, but then you’ll need to wait a day or two for a response as they are manually reviewing the imports (which to be fair is probably worth the wait anyway).

Next go and grab your data using this process:

All being well you should be back up and running with little to no interruption of service. So don’t procrastinate – get it sorted today and it’s one thing off your mind!




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  • Romi Catauta is also an effective solution to import your forms from Adobe FormsCentral. The transition is smooth and also secure. You can benefit from custom reports, as well as other features that will help you.

    • elementarydigital

      Hi Romi, thanks for your comment, that looks handy.

  • Sean Smith

    Owen, awesome article. It also is interesting that Adobe just seems to have directly vouched for JotForm:

    • elementarydigital

      Thanks Sean, I hadn’t seen that. Perhaps an acquisition is in the air? It would be a little odd if they did, but not impossible I guess!


      • Sean Smith

        Who knows! The fact that Adobe is vouching for JotForm though does say a lot about their trust in them, how many other times have they done something similar?

        • elementarydigital

          Not sure to be honest!