Good website design takes time, now’s the time to become more agile


We’re beginning to explore an ‘agile’ approach at Elementary Digital and we’re adopting the methodology in how we design and develop websites. As we begin to become more agile focused we’re understanding the value of constant evolution of websites rather than one off builds.

Indeed our approach now is to limit the initial build cost, create a refreshed website in the first instance and then build the website as we gather data about visitors to the site. This approach allows the targeting and strategy for a website to be constantly re-evaluated, perfected and developed, all the while improving your conversions.

Think about your website is the most dynamic, living, breathing element of your marketing budget and it should evolve as your learn more about how your audience use it, yet most organization launch it and then it remains static until the next re-build.

Don’t sit on your website, adopt the approach of an initial capital build and then website support contract that will allow your site to improve each and every week.

We are a WordPress Agency (this means we design and develop in WordPress!) and we support our clients everyday. However we do slightly more, with a support contract in place we can help ensure their website remain live, look pretty and function as they should, but much we can help evolve the site and create a ‘digital strategy’ that delivers on the objectives of the site (we can even use the support agreement to develop KPI’s).

So, remember that good websites don’t happen overnight, they take time, work with your digital agency (trust them) and look at an ‘agile’, constant evolution approach that will ensure your website can go from a presence to a key conversion tool, after all your online presence should deliver results. If you’re interested in learning more about an ‘agile’ approach to web design read here:


Author Gyles Seward

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