How to Get Your Content into the Google News Feed



Google News feed is a great way of finding multiple sources for news stories. It has also got an excellent search function, allowing people to search for specific terms and find news relevant to those looking for less popular, but no less important, items. Google News uses sources including The Guardian, The Daily Mail and CNN to provide people with a daily round up of stories from around the world.

You may be looking at how you can get your site listed by Google News if you are regularly producing content which is relevant and newsworthy.  How can you make sure that your site is listed in the sources for articles that pop up in users’ feeds?

Here’s the definitive way to ensure that your site is included in the news roundup.

1. The Technical Requirements

Google has its technical requirement guidelines published so that you can be sure that your site will meet the standard needed. These include permanent URL sections, accessible content, language requirements and more. Read these before you embark on a quest to get your site listed and crawled.

2. Content Requirements

Content requirements are pretty strict, as Google doesn’t want to be sending people to low importance sites churning out poor quality content. Basically, there are a number of things to remember:

  • Newsworthy content – content must be produced that is important to people and up-to-date.
  • Journalistic standard – content must be original
  • Authority – sites should demonstrate superior knowledge and expertise on their chosen subject, whether, local, national or industry specific.
  • Accountable – authors should be made clear, with pictures and a method to contact them
  • Readable – content should be well written without basic mistakes in grammar and punctuation


3. Authors

Google wants to ensure that the people creating content are relevant to that content. Authors who write for a number of reputable publications will have more authority and this feeds into both itself and the authority of the publication that may have high ranking authors writing for them.

Ghost writing isn’t a good way to get Google to register you as a news site. Authors should have associated Google+ pages and a reputation for good writing if possible. This will mean that readers will want to read the content produced for your publication.

4. Frequency

You don’t have to be creating hundreds of new stories a day. Once a day can be enough, as long as you remember that it’s the quality that is important. If you are covering a niche topic, it’s understandable that you can’t produce reams of material, whereas a more general publication will have to produce more content.

5. Inclusion

Once you’ve made sure that your site meets all the specifications, you can submit it here for inclusion. It can take a number of weeks for the decision to come back whether your content can be included in the feed. You can submit an application again if you fail after 60 days.

Good luck and if you are unsure feel free to contact us for help!