Fostering Customer Loyalty

Fostering Customer Loyalty

Easy Ways to Bring Customers Back to Your Ecommerce Store:

Content marketing offers a wonderful way to target your audience and bring in new customers for your online store. However, what happens when those visitors stop by, maybe buy something, then leave your store?

Are you putting enough focus on bringing these customers back as you are on acquiring new customers?

Customer retention is one of those things that is far more important than new customer acquisition, since these past customers have shown that they are at least somewhat interested in buying from your online store. Therefore, we wanted to put together a list of easy ways to bring customers back to your ecommerce store.

Keep reading to take advantage of those dormant customers and to boost your sales as well.

Consider Creating a Loyalty Program


Van-Dal loyalty program example

A customer loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to bring back customers, since it tells your visitors that their purchases are appreciated. For example, if someone comes to your store and sees that you have a loyalty program, they may consider signing up. Once they get close to a point where they can claim their rewards, they are more likely to make an additional purchase or two to reach the rewards threshold.

Share on Social Media and Always Respond to Inquiries

If you have a Facebook page, take a look at the page to see if you actually respond to questions and comments that customers place on the page. People often assume that posting on social media is an expedited way to find a response to their questions, and that’s the way it should be.

The key is to continuously post on your social media accounts to remind people about your company and to show that your account isn’t dormant. Once someone places a comment on your page, this is a huge chance to show your customer service skills and prompt them to come back to your store.

Send Out Defector and Receipt Emails with Promotions

Flightfox email example

There’s no better way to convince people to come back to your store than by giving them a promotion. Every time a person makes a purchase from your store you should have an automated system to send out receipts. Savvy businesses use these receipts to recommend related products and even to give out coupons.

If this doesn’t work, you should use a plugin or add-on that tracks which of your customers haven’t been around in a while. Send them a promotional email to get them back to your store.

Ask Users to Make Customer Accounts, Then Take Advantage of Those Accounts

Many people are hesitant to create a customer account when they initially land on your website. Therefore, they opt to checkout with a guest account. This is unfortunate, since customer accounts make it easier for them to checkout in the future, improving your chances of bringing the customers back.

How do you convince them to create accounts? Ask customers to make an account after their first purchase. Many companies do this by including a link to the account creation page in an email receipt.

Hit Customers with Well Timed Promotions and Emails

If your products or services are known to only last a certain amount of time, consider these time frames to send out promotions once they have been used up.

For example, if you sell hair care products on your online shop you may know that hair extensions only last for a few weeks. After those weeks have passed, you can send out an email to tell customers that they are due for new ones.

Consider Selling Complementary Items

Shaving cream example

Complementary items are products that go along with a larger purchase to make it either work better or work altogether. An example of a complimentary product is a video game for a PlayStation. When Sony sells its gaming systems, they are well aware that additional purchases are going to come in due to the video game sales. When someone finishes one of the games, they are likely to return to a store to buy additional games.

Another solid example ties into the razor market. Gillette sells razors, yet they know that these products wear out over time. Therefore, the customers will come back to their site, or go to a store, to acquire more razors and other items like shaving cream.

Create and Send Out a Useful Email Newsletter

Sometimes you don’t even need to send out a promotion if your content is that good. An email newsletter takes time to create, but sending out useful information on a consistent basis reminds customers that they may be due to buy more from your online store.

Keep in mind that sticking to a schedule is key. If you send out emails every Friday, people start looking forward to the messages like they would a TV show that’s released every week on the same day. When devising your newsletter strategy, think about making content that assists customers with the products or services they bought through your online store. For instance, a shoe store might send out a video series or blog post series discussing ways to maintain your shoes.

Think about how many content options are available for this. One video could explain how to clean your shoelaces, another one could talk about getting rid of smells that accumulate in shoes and another could explain how to protect your shoes if you plan on going to a muddy event.

Personalize Your Customer Service

Have you ever sent an occasional hand-written letter when shipping out your products? Think of ways you can personalize your customer service and thank people for their business. This obviously isn’t something you would try for every purchase, but imagine the happiness a random customer experiences when they see that a handwritten note comes from a company they just bought an item from. It’s also nice to send out free gifts or surprise fast shipping, which is a tactic that Zappos uses quite a bit.

Over to You…

From creating useful email newsletters to running loyalty programs, plenty of options are available to bring customers back to your ecommerce store. If you have any questions or suggestions for additional customer retention tactics, let us know in the comments section below.

Post written by Catalin Zorzini, the founder of Inspired Magazine and Ecommerce Platforms. He loves hot jazz and hot soup.

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