Five ways on how to promote your website


With more people and businesses growing to an online presence in the modern day it has become even more important to promote your website as best you can to attract the relevant audience to your business or personal website.

In the early days of the internet you might have used forums or even distributed leaflets offline with your website address on. Since then we have seen a revolution of new communication channels on the internet. We have chosen five recommendations on how you can promote your website:

Facebook – many brands and personal blogs these days extend out to a facebook profile where they can post links to articles they have published on their website or product deals. Typically building up a following on Facebook through ‘likes’ enables you to promote your website on regular basis to an interested audience who can also share stuff they like from your Facebook profile to their friends and followers.

Twitter – twitter enables you to engage in conversation with many different kinds of users from all around the World. It might be a great way to engage in relevant conversations sharing relevant content you have created. You are limited to the amount of characters in a ‘tweet’ – meaning anything you send out is typically to the point and relevant.

Google+ – Google+ is another social network that is worth using. It has some great features such as communities where you can interact with other users who share the same interests. This can be a great way to promote your brand/website within Google+.

Guest Posting – many sites out there allow you to write guest posts on their website. By writing great content and being credited as the author you could build exposure to your online website from interested readers of your content. This also helps to boost your brand online, especially when people share your articles.

Forums – providing you are not spamming links we recommend a forum being still a great way to promote your website. By posting relevant content in forums and engaging in forum posts from others you might gain exposure to your website by a footer or avatar in your forum user profile (some forums allow the footer or avatar to promote a website).

While we feel off-site noise is always a great way to promote your website, we do feel great on-site content will be noticed and shared naturally – enabling people to naturally promote you when they like something you write about or sell something that really stands out on your business website.