Five Tips For Ecommerce You Can’t Ignore


Ecommerce is a challenge and you need to arm yourself with the best understanding to help you deliver on-going sales. We come across a lot of online stores working with our clients and we note down things we like, ideas and tips to help our clients or anyone we speak to maximise their potential when selling online. We’d like to share five tips with you that could help you improve your performance:

  • Google analytics – there is wealth of tools available in Google analytics and yet we’ve found a lot of stores are not using them. A successful ecommerce store will track visitors, ecommerce metrics and provide funnels to understand how people are interacting with your website. Understanding where your customers have started there journey and were they have either purchased or dropped off will help inform your strategy and deliver more focussed website
  • Remove barriers – complicated navigation, to long checkout, no quick buy option these are all barriers and anything that hinders a potential customer from buying in limited clicks will increase your drop off rate and lose you sales
  • Be clear and allow people to find information quickly – hiding your information in fancy designs or poor navigation that means a customer cant find delivery, returns, etc will not deliver the trust needed to help secure the purchase. Remove anything that makes it complicated and clearly present the details they require
  • Make it interesting – product on a page is important, however everybody else is doing that so think of something that encourages more interaction and trust e.g. reviews, a product video, external reviews in a pop-up. Think about why people want to buy and then re-assure them with mechanics to drive that purchase
  • Simplicity and less is more – adopt this approach, don’t bombard people, keep it clean simple and easy to purchase
  • Work the data – you spent time building your customer database, segment it and target groups of people with dedicated messages…this will have an impact on your conversions.

We love ecommerce at Elementary Digital and through our own sites we have the experience and knowledge to apply conversion focused tests which then help us develop tips and our authority in this arena.