Five things to consider when selecting a digital agency


Looking to build a website or refresh an existing one or looking to improve your presence online through seo, paid search or social media? It can be a minefield with so many opportunities and complexities to assess and understand at once. Luckily the UK has a highly experienced network of digital agencies and is considered the second biggest digital community behind the USA. However with so many great companies out there it can be difficult to understand who you should work with and as we speak to organisation everyday we thought we’d create a quick five point checklist for you to consider:


  1. The companies website – at face value how does there website look? Test it on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone, is the website responsive (adapts to different hardware devices)? The quickest way to assess whether you think a digital agency is capable of creating your web design is to assess their own site. If you like what you see then they could be the company for you.
  2. Expertise – understand websites are faceless, anyone can say they can do something but real expertise is difficult to see. Look beyond their website at elements such as their social channels, do they have a lot of followers, how often do they post, are they talking about the digital marketing industry? Do they have a comprehensive blog section? If the digital agency is passionate about online marketing then they’ll be very pro-active in this space.
  3. Awards – don’t believe the hype with awards, sure it’s a credit to be shortlisted, however entry fees pretty much guarantee a shortlisting because those holding the awards want you to take a table (£1,000’s+). Real awards are referrals from clients and a good digital agency will allow you to talk to their client base.
  4. The bigger picture – a good agency doesn’t just do design, they’ll understand all aspects of digital marketing from user interface, conversion optimisation through to how to develop your presence. Digital marketing is a mix of many elements, anything done in solitude usually leads to failure. If you meet a digital agency talk about user journeys, search engine optimisation and then web design.
  5. Size isn’t everything, systems and organisation is – the number of people in a digital agency usually means there’s more costs to cover. The best digital agencies are organised, have proven systems for project management and work collaboratively with their clients. Any digital project doesn’t end with the launch of a website, that’s just the beginnings of the journey and you need to have an input throughout.

Hopefully this gives you some pointers on elements to consider when selecting your next digital agency, if you need any help contact us…we’ll take our Elementary Digital hat off and provide some good practical advice. Happy hunting for your new digital agency.


Author Gyles Seward

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