Five Things to Ask a WordPress Specialist

Five Things to Ask a WordPress Specialist


If you are hiring a dedicated WordPress developer, you want to ensure that they will create a professional looking website that will run efficiently without any hidden charges. Here are five questions you should ask to make sure you are getting the right developer for your online business.

What data needs to be provided?

As the business owner you will need to provide enough data for the development to run smoothly from start to finish. By providing everything that may be required upfront, you can reduce unnecessary delays further down the line.

How will the site be secure and will backups be kept?

Due to its popularity, WordPress is a target for hackers. It can be kept safe if your developer takes the proper preventative measures.

We recommend your WordPress site has a backup solution. This can save lots of time and money in the event of anything going wrong.

Will guidance on WordPress be offered?

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, you may want to ask your developer to help you with updates, blog posts and other executions further down the line. You need to know if there will be additional charges for this.

Will the site be tested?

Testing your site is essential to confirm that everything works in the way it is meant to. Ideally your developer will test the site to ensure it is compatible with the very latest browser updates. Ask about the processes used for testing, and the aspects that are covered.

Is maintenance included?

Developing a website is a one-off process, but maintaining it to stay current, attractive and useable is the real challenge. Make sure your developer is committed to provide maintenance after the development is completed, and find out if this will cost more.

Any developer worth their salt will welcome your enquiries, and will want to engage with you fully to ensure your development meets all your online business needs.