Five Outstanding Magento E-Commerce Designs

Five Outstanding Magento E-Commerce Designs

Jem Henderson

Magento is an open source platform, delivering a fantastic e-commerce solution for businesses looking to sell online – whether large or small. Some of the world’s biggest brands use Magento to power their online retail space. Here are five well designed and beautiful Magento stores that we’ve spotted across the web.

The North Face (Magento Enterprise)

The North Face

The North Face is an outdoor lifestyle brand producing high quality jackets, boots, clothing and camping accessories such as tents and sleeping bags for rugged terrain exploration. Their website is a fantastic mix of sales and information which also features stunning design, engaging content and is easy to navigate – perhaps unsurprising for a brand all about exploration.

Paul Smith (Magento Enterprise)

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a world famous British designer who uses high quality Italian, French and British fabrics to produce his range of clothes who is perhaps best known for his men’s collections.

The website has a comprehensive range of items for sale as well as a fascinating blog. The site uses Magento Enterprise to its full advantage, offering wish lists, gift wrapping, e-vouchers and gift cards as well as the retail space itself.

Budd Shirts (Magento Community, Responsive)

Budd Shirts

A smaller but by no means lesser site is Budd Shirts – a luxury British brand focusing on men’s shirts and accoutrements. This site is built using the free Magento Community platform and is responsive allowing it to be viewed on all devices easily – encouraging people to shop no matter where they may be.

Radley (Magento Enterprise, Responsive)

A Magento Enterprise solution that is responsive is the Radley website, the well known brand featuring a small Scotty dog design on all of their beautiful leather goods such as bags, purses and wallets. Easy to look around and with detailed menus of all of their items, this site is both attractive and functional.

Liverpool FC (Magento Enterprise, Responsive)


With brands such as Liverpool FC, a retail site needs to be responsive as more people will browse here from phones and tablets when out and about.