Five New Things We’ve Learnt About WordPress So Far in 2014


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems, and one of the reasons that it’s so great is the constant tweaks and updates that the volunteers who run and code the system perform. This year has been no exception, with the latest version ‘Smith’ bringing with it a wide range of changes to the system. Here are some of the improvements that we have seen with WordPress 3.9.

Visual Editor Update

There has been a massive overhaul to the visual editor, with a horizontal line button, and updated versions of TinyMCE to the latest 4.0 and Plupload to 2.x. Plupload is the main interface for file uploads on WordPress and it is a welcome update for those looking to do more with their files when uploads, including editing images more easily.

There have also been small changes added to a number of the button icons, along with a drag and drop functionality which makes it easier to upload images straight from your desktop into a post, with the image automatically resizing to fit.

Widget Interface Improvements

The widget interface has always been one of the best things about WordPress, allowing you to bring additional functionality to your website to allow for a whole range of customisable tools and options. The widget interface has been improved this year, with live previews and the ability to edit existing widgets, adding new ones, reordering widgets or removing them entirely.

Theme Improvements

If you use WordPress through their website, you have been able to preview different themes for a while; this functionality hasn’t been incorporated into their installed framework until now. This means that you will be able to preview what your website will look like using a different theme, with customisable options including colour, titles, background images, etc.

When you’ve chosen your new theme from the latest interface, with its easy-to-see tabs helping you chose the right one for your company, it’s even easier now to install it as well.

Audio and Video Improvements

Playlists can now be created in WordPress, working as short code (much like the image galleries do). Audio and video files are uploaded in the back-end alongside image files and can be added to a playlist from there.

Plugin Flaws

There have been reports of issues with a number of popular plugins for WordPress that could have an impact on businesses. For example, the All in One SEO Pack, which automatically carries out search optimisation tasks such as meta tag generation and canonical URLs, has been found to be causing issues for users running WordPress 2.1.6, with the flaw allowing hackers to launch cross site scripting attacks and privilege escalation.

There have also been problems for users of plugins including WPTouch, Disqus and MailPoet Newsletters. If your site uses any of these plugins, these need to be updated as soon as possible.

The best way to keep your site safe is to ensure that all plugins and installations are kept up to date, with the latest versions installed as soon as they are released.

If you need any help with the WordPress security or any of these new features please feel free to get in touch and we’ll see how our expert WordPress developers can help you!